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Filename Topography-1.12.2-1.14.2.jar
Uploaded by Blargerist
Uploaded Jun 28, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2   +3
Size 3.80 MB
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MD5 045c4caa343bc074265ceab480521037
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


- BnBGamingCore is now an optional dependency. Required for some structure generation to function properly in SkyIslandGeneratorV2.


- Added SkyIslandGeneratorV2. SkyIslandGenerator should function the same as before.

    - New island size options. Separate horizontal radius, top height, bottom height and min/max gen height.

    - Added fluid generation to islands, creating pretty lakes.

    - Villages, mineshafts and strongholds can be added to island types, with optional Better With Mods support.

    - Other generators can be added to island types. These generators will only generate in chunks where the island type generated, allowing each island type to be even more unique.

    - Updated preset `Basic_Sky_Islands` to use this.


- Updated DeformedSphereGenerator

    - Optimized. Generates significantly faster.

    - Added method `setHeightRange` to set min/max height for sphere generation.

- Added `ScatteredPillarGenerator`. Good for generating sugarcane and cactus.

- Added method `useWorldTypeTerrain()` Uses the ChunkGenerator from the WorldType for terrain generation. Topography features which handle terrain gen will not function.

- Added method `useWorldTypeBiomes()` Uses the BiomeProvider from the WorldType for biome mapping. Topography features which handle biome mapping will not function.


- Updated WeatherRenderer

    - Added method `replaceRainWithSnow()` Replaces all rain rendering with snow.

    - Added method `replaceSnowWithRain()` Replaces all snow rendering with rain.

    - Added method `overrideBiomeRestrictions()` Allows weather rendering regardless of biome restrictions such as deserts.


- Added permission nodes to Topography commands. Hopefully I did it right. :P

    - topography.island.accept

    - topography.island.home


    - topography.island.invite


    - topography.island.set


    - topography.preset.lock

    - topography.preset.unlock


- Updated overworld structure generators to fire Forge events. Should help with mod compat.

- The world creation gui hides the preset list if there is only one preset available.

- Topography worker threads are now named.

- Mob spawn checks are now cancelled in empty chunks. Improves performance of void/sky island dimensions.

- Moved structure population to the correct place. There were some possible issues with things like trees being cut out.

- Fixed a possible ConcurrentModiicationException issue.

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