168,356 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 21, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Inspired by Iguana Tweaks, I needed a mod that would disable the usage of certain tools from vanilla and modded Minecraft. The mod uses a simple config file to blacklist items from being used by players only. Autonomous activators and mobs will still be able to use the items.

This mod requires CompatLayer if you run on 1.10+ or 1.11+. Make sure to install it too.

If you run a version newer than or equal to 1.0.7, you will need Shadowfact's Forgelin installed too! It will install automatically for modpacks created within the Twitch App.


As of version 1.0.4, this mod can disable ANY tool or weapon by adding the tool's id to the config file. This will add a custom tooltip to the item to notify players about the change!

If you encounter any item that does not get blacklisted after adding an entry in the config file, make sure to open an issue on Github. I will take a look afterwards.




@Fanged_Hex - Ported to 1.12. Implemented tooltips.


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