Tools & Armor for Vanilla Resources

649 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 8, 2014 Game Version: CB 1.7.2-R0.2

PLEASE READ: Files are not listed in chronological order. Please make sure you are downloading the correct version for the correct version of minecraft.

Hello everyone, and welcome to the update for 1.7.2! Forge just added a recommended build, so now that mods will be updating, I'm here to bring you version 1.0.0 of the tools and armor mod! This mod adds tools and armor for emerald, quartz, redstone, coal, lapis, and armor for wood. Instead of distributing the mods individually, I've decided to add them all into one mod for easy distribution. If you don't want one of the mods enabled, then disable it in the config. Have a nice day!

List of stats for each armor and tool type in order of Harvest/Durability/Speed/Damage/Armor Level:

Coal: Iron Ore/200/Stone-Iron/Iron/Chain (Leather-Iron)

Emerald: Diamond Ore/1000/Iron-Diamond/Diamond/Diamond

Lapis: Diamond Ore/500/Stone-Iron/Iron/Iron

Quartz: Diamond Ore/Durabilty: 750/Iron-Diamond/Diamond/Iron-Diamond

Redstone: Iron Ore/200/Stone-Iron/Stone/Chain (Leather-Iron)

Wood: Diamond

Quartz Mod Help: Here is the recipe for the diamond saw:

Diamond Saw Recipe

Right click on either a block of quartz or chiseled quartz with the saw to transmute the block into a quartz crystal block:

Quartz Crystal Block

The recipes for the tools and armor are the same as usual, they just require quartz crystals, which are obtained by breaking the quartz crystal blocks.

How to Install for versions before 1.6: 1. Download and drag the Minecraft Forge files into your minecraft.jar. 2. Delete META-INF. 3. Run Minecraft and then close it. 4. Download the mod which you have chosen to install. 5. Drag the .zip file into your mods folder. 6. Enjoy!

Additionally, check out pyrominer314's channel to view a spotlight of the Quartz Tools and Armor, or watch it here:

And also thanks to Steven Brine for making a spotlight of the Quartz, Emerald, and Redstone tools here:


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