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Based on the token enchanter from Silent's Gems, now in an independent mod. The token enchanter is used to craft enchanted tokens, which can apply enchantments to most items.


The following mods are mandatory. They must be installed for the game to load.

Data Packs

Recipes can be added with data packs. See the wiki on GitHub for more information.

Pre-Made Packs

Data packs made by others and linked here. I cannot guarantee these are up-to-date.

Token Enchanter

The token enchanter is a block which processes token enchanting recipes. It is powered by XP crystals.

The bottom left slot is for XP crystals. The slot above that is the "token" input slot. This will be gold tokens for most enchanted tokens recipes, but it could be anything. Only one token is consumed per crafting. The remaining slots are for other ingredients. They may consume multiple items per crafting, depending on the recipe.

Finding Recipes

Please use Just Enough Items (JEI) to view the available recipes.

Please note the recipe transfer (+) button is not working correctly. It only transfers a single item into each slot, regardless of what the recipe requires, but it is still useful. Just shift-click the missing items in after it lays out the recipe.

Adding Recipes

Like any recipe type, token enchanting recipes can be added or changed with data packs. Check the GitHub repo for examples or the GitHub wiki for details. The JSON format is slightly unusual because of how multiple ingredients can be consumed at once, but not difficult to understand.

Token enchanting recipes can be used to make just about anything. It is not limited to just enchanted tokens.

Enchanted Tokens

Gold tokens which have been given enchantments by the token enchanter. Crafting these with an item which is compatible with the enchantment will give the enchantment to the item. If it already has the enchantment, its level will be increased instead (if possible). The normal max level of the enchantment is always respected.

Most enchanted tokens will only give a single level of a single enchantment per token, but any set of enchantments of any valid levels can theoretically be created. This would require either adding recipes to craft them, or tokens with modified NBT into loot tables.

You can place multiple enchanted tokens into the crafting grid at once, but they can only enchant a single item.

Gold and Silver Tokens

These items exist just to be used in recipes. The default recipes for enchanted tokens use gold tokens for most recipes and silver tokens for curse recipes (Curse of Binding, Curse of Vanishing).

The silver token has two recipes, one which requires silver ingots and one which requires iron ingots and gold nuggets. The former recipe will load if your mod pack has correctly tagged silver ingots, and the latter loads if not. This means silver tokens will always be obtainable in any mod pack.

Missing Recipes

An enchanted token for every enchantment will be displayed in JEI, including enchantments added by other mods. Some displayed tokens may not have any recipes because of this. You may add recipes with a data pack, or encourage the mod's author to do so. The enchanted token's tooltip will display the mod the enchantment is from.

XP Crystals

XP crystals are used to store XP levels (levels, not XP) for the token enchanter to use. They must be filled by a player before they can be used for crafting.

When crafting larger XP crystals, the new crystal will retain all levels the crystals used to craft them were storing.

Filling Crystals

Hold the crystal you wish to fill in either hand. Hold use (right-click, typically) until the animation finishes. You must have enough levels to fill 20% of the crystal's capacity at once. Otherwise, it will not accept anything.