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Toad Terror

Welcome to Toad Terror, a mod adding toad-themed content! Currently adding one boss, as well as the boss's spawning structure, and a toad pet dropped from the boss!

This mod requires Curios to be installed to run! 


Toad Sentinel

  • This miniboss spawns in a new structure, the Sacred Ruins.
  • Has quite a bit of health and some engaging attacks
  • Has four attacks
  • Starts to crack as it loses health
  • Drops a special item, used to summon a new companion.

Sacred Ruins

  • Spawns in Swamp biomes
  • Made of new sacred stone brick blocks
  • Home of the Toad Sentinel

Toad Protector + Toad Eye

  • Drops from Toad Sentinel
  • Place Toad Eye in Curios slot to spawn (press G)
  • Attacks things for you
  • Remove from slot to despawn back into item
  • If it dies, can repair Broken Toad Eye with 9 emeralds or emerald block in anvil
  • Can be healed by feeding Sacred Stone Bricks




Coda1552 - Project Leader, Art

itsmeow - Programming 

Proddy - Art