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TinyInv is a mod that allows you to reduce the number of available inventory slots, increase or decrease the number of hotbar slots, and disable the offhand slot in a relatively "mod-friendly" way.



After installing the mod you can change the number of inventory and hotbar slots in the config file, either in Forge's Mod Options menu or directly in the config file (.minecraft/config/tinyinv.cfg, since the 1.18.1 the server config is located inside the save folder). Changing the number of inventory slots requires rejoining the world, killing yourself, or any other action the creates a new EntityPlayer.



The mod replaces the "disabled" slots in all containers with "FakeSlots", which can not be interacted with. Therefore the mod should work with the majority of mods (unless they do some bigger changes to the way the containers work). The player's inventory size is technically unchanged, however, when an item is present in some of the "disabled" slots, the item is thrown out of your inventory. The mod tries by default to hide the unused slots. This can be turned off in the config file ("fakeSlotOverlay").


I recommend using the Configured mod with the 1.16.5 (and newer) version of the mod.




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