Tinker's Middleearth

11,848 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 4, 2017 Game Version: 1.7.10

This addon makes Mevans "Lord of the Rings" - Mod compatible with Tinkers Construct! That means: You can forge the finest tools and weapons with Middleearth - materials, even use faction alloys. For this purpose, new blocks had been added: Smelteries for Orcs, Dwarves and Elves. These can be crafted using the normal recipe of a smeltery part, but using the fractions crafting table. 

Important: You need Tinkers Construct in order to use this addon.

A list of all smelteries with their crafting table:

  • Dwarven Crafting Table --> Dwarven Smeltery / Tank
  • High Elven Crafting Table --> High Elven Smeltery / Tank
  • Angmar Crafting table --> Angmar Smeltery / Tank
  • Some more are coming, be patient.

A list of all alloys:

  • Dwarven Steel  --> Liquified Coal + Molten Iron in any dwarven Smeltery
  • Elven Steel --> Liquified Coal + Molten Iron in any elven Smeltery
  • Uruk Steel --> Liquified Coal + Molten Iron in any orcish Smeltery
  • Blue Dwarven Steel --> Molten Sarlluin + Molten Iron in any dwarven Smeltery.
  • Galvorn --> Molten Edhelmir + Molten Iron in any dwarven Smeltery
  • Black Uruk Steel --> Molten Orc Steel + Molten Durnaur in any orcish Smeltery
  • Morgul Steel --> Molten Orc Steel + Molten Gulduril in any orcish Smeltery

Ingame manual was added in version 1.2.5; You can read something similar in-game now!


Planned Features:

  • More weapons
  • Gilded iron
  • Other ways to power the smeltery, and a rework on how alloying works
  • "a recipe for grout using mordor gravel, and faction specific drains and tables would be nice" -thecreepidking

This project is no longer supported; A day may come when I start a rework, but it is not this day.


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