Timer mod

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Timer mod

Timer mod, great for speed challenges

This mod shows a little timer to the top of your screen. (It's a spin-off of the AutoReferee mod I made too, you can download that mod here: http://dev.bukkit.org/client-mods/autoreferee-client/). This stopwatch has a hh:mm:ss format. And can be used for timing many things inside minecraft, but I made it especially for speed challenges where a nice timer on the middle of the top of your screen is nice. The timer has a dark-grey background and white text. No longer "I forgot when I started!". Download NOW! The mod saves the time on pausing and resetting the time, and it gets automatically loaded on restart of minecraft.

And it's fully compatible with optifine (at least if you use magic launcher).


  • F4 to hide/show the timer
  • F6 to start/pause the timer
  • F7 to reset the timer.

Installing the mod

This mod is a normal mod and you can install it like other mods. Just dropping the files in the .jar should work (remember to delete the META-INF folder). However, I recommend "Magic Launcher", it's an easy way to manage your jars and mods. With that launcher, you can easily switch between minecraft versions and mod (packs). You don't need modloader or any other mod for this mod to work.

This mod should be compatible with optifine.


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