Timely Stones Mod

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First i would like to say that this mod would be non existant if it werent for the suggestion from reddit user ftb_helper. here is the thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/feedthebeast/comments/2xknlh/mod_request_an_item_to_make_it_night/


The Mod v1.0(Initial Release!)

This mod adds two items;

           the night stone:

                When Right clicked, will change your worlds time to midnight

                     The Screenshots below show the recipes.

            the daystone is the same as the night stone only will change the time of day to noon in your world.

                     The Screenshots below show the recipes

   if you have any ideas as to how i could make this mod better please dont hesitate to comment below or post in the github:



Are you better at texturing than me?!

Good! because I am terrible at texturing :D 

If you get time or want to help out with the textures go ahead and make them and link them to me. I will give credit to you in a tooltip so everyone knows how awesome you are :D


The Future of the Mod:

Now this mod started out as a quick thing that I could do as a novice Minecraft Modder, it was the first mod I actually "finished." By finished, I mean publish for the public to use. I would like to add more to the mod and become better at modding in the future. "How can I help?" you guys may ask, and my answer to that is come up with some ideas and post them to https://github.com/creeperraper1337/TimelyStonesMod/issues

More than likely i will add it to the mod.  I've got some ideas in my mind of how I want to progress the mod but like i said before, i am a novice when it comes to modding. So there might be some slow releases, and for that I am sorry, i hope you can forgive me. :P





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