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A small mod focused on accelerating certain tasks in modded minecraft.

 (Inspired by items like torcherino/acceleration wand/time in a bottle)


The Time Manipulator

Allows you to speed up everything you touch. I mean it when i say everything.


Don't want to wait for a sheep to regrow its wool? No problem just use the Time Manipulator.




Waiting for the Astral Sorcery crystal to grow in the Liquid Starlight? That's also not a problem the Time Manipulator can accelerate it.

(Applies to most in world crafting recipes, like when you have to throw something in fire/liquid)




It also works for all kinds of machines and plants like torcherino/acceleration wand would .

Just right click, and make the machine/plant skip a couple of seconds.




The AOE Pickaxe.

Endgame mining tool, it's an area of effect pickaxe with a filter. Choose the range, specify the filter and collect what you want.


The screenshots are from the 1.16.4 versions of the mod.





Feel free to include the mod in your modpacks.