Time Stages

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Time Stages

This mod is an addon for the GameStage API. This mod allows you to unlock/lock stages after a specified amount of time.

Example Script showing how it works:

Version 1.3 and higher requires a unique id for every timer added:

mods.TimeStages.addTimer("UniqueID", "neededStage" ,"UnlockedStage" ,30 ,"seconds");
mods.TimeStages.addTimer("UniqueID", "neededStage" ,"UnlockedStage" ,30 ,"seconds", true);
mods.TimeStages.removalTimer("UniqueID", "removedStage" ,30 ,"seconds");


1.2.1 and lower:

mods.TimeStages.addTimer("neededStage" ,"UnlockedStage" ,30 ,"seconds");
mods.TimeStages.addTimer("neededStage" ,"UnlockedStage" ,30 ,"seconds", true);

mods.TimeStages.removalTimer("removedStage" ,30 ,"seconds");

the "true" activates the removal of the old stage while the new stage will still be unlocked when the time is reached.

The amount of time can be sec(onds), min(utes), hour(s) and day(s). Currently you can only choose one amount of time.



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