Time Core

828,308 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 10, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

This library mod contains some features that will be very useful especially while creating obj models for entities (or for example using these models in TESRs). It also brings some things, that simplify your life as a modder. The full list of features is noted below.



  • Obj Model Loader - For now it supports triangular and square faces. Models can be loaded via ObjModelLoader. Example of using these models can be viewed in example package.
  • Obj Model Generator - WARNING: BETA! Converts entity models that was created via code into OBJ files. Can be called via /timecore genobj <entity> command.
  • Easy Registry - Aims to slightly simplify registry of blocks, items, tileentites and sounds.
  • Log Helper - Advanced Logger that can print messages which appears only in development workspace. Also it has ability to print debug and trace leveled messages to console, not to debug.log.
  • Profiler - Simply allows to understand how much time was spent on this or that action.



  • You can use this mod in your modpack.
  • You are not allowed to re-publish this mod to other sites if it doesn't provide CurseForge download link and only it, and without my permission (just PM me).
    You are not allowed to include Loot Games or a part of it directly in your mod. You can use it ONLY AS a dependency.


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