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Filename TieFix-1.11.0.jar
Uploaded by j_t_a_i
Uploaded Jun 7, 2022
Game Version 1.19  
Size 1.00 MB
Downloads 3,640
MD5 d840c4c651e6a653a98d033a5f71a6db
Supported Minecraft 1.19 Versions


  • Update to Minecraft 1.19
  • Add fix for MC-53312 (Illager/(zombie) villager/witch robes don't render the last two rows of pixels)
  • Add fix for MC-4490 (Fishing line not attached to fishing rod in third person while crouching)
  • Add fix for MC-80859 (Starting to drag item stacks over other compatible stacks makes the latter invisible until appearance change (stack size increases))
  • Add fix for MC-79545 (The experience bar disappears when too many levels are given to the player)