Throwable Fluids


General Info

Having a water bucket can be extremely handy to pull off an ultimate stunt to impress your friends or even save your life. Having a lava bucket can be an awesome tactic to fend off approaching mobs or defeat your friends in an epic battle. But, what’s better than both of those? Throwable Lava and Water!

More Details

Throwable Lava and Throwable Water have around the same gravity as regular potions, with the throwable lava being slightly more.

To craft throwable water, you will need four prismarine shards and a water bucket. Surround the water bucket with the shards in a diamond pattern, and you get three brand new Throwable Waters!

To craft throwable lava, you need four Exploding Magma put around a bucket of lava in the same diamond pattern. To craft exploding magma, place 8 gunpowder around magma cream.

For reference, check the mod’s images for help with crafting recipes.

The two advancements this mod adds are:

  • Go With The Flow: achieved when player obtains throwable water
  • Hot Sauce: achieved when player obtains throwable lava

Note: This mod only works with Fabric API and not Forge.


Discord server: https://discord.gg/wM4CKTbFVN