Thorium Reactors

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The ThoriumReactors Mod is a Minecraft Forge modification that introduces a new type of energy generation in the game.
Harness the power of thorium to generate sustainable and efficient energy for your Minecraft world!
Including many ores, resources, machines, recipes, mod-integrations, advancements, a turbine and of course even more!.



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- Explore the depths of the underground and find up to 11 ores and minerals.
- Build your own thorium reactor. Fuel the reactor and let the magical powers of physics play
- Monitor your whole reactor with the big control interface to ensure stability, efficiency and continuous power generation.
- Use the generated steam to power up your Turbine for endless power generation.
- Mine deep in the ground for many ores and resources
- Complete all advancements.
- And much more! Try it out now!


- You are free to use this mod in any modpack