thorium is a fabric mod that fixes 50+ small bugs and annoyances in Minecraft, without affecting gameplay mechanics.


Because thorium does not affect gameplay mechanics, it is not a hard requirement to have installed on the client or the server when joining a server. However, we still recommend installing it on both, since not all issues can be fixed on the server (or client) side.


If you have encountered an issue or would like to request a fix for a Minecraft bug, please create an issue on our issue tracker.


For support, check out our Discord or IRC Channels!

List of fixed bugs

Mojira Issue     Issue name
MC-4490 Fishing line not attached to fishing rod in third person while crouching
MC-6431 Status effects are lost when returning to the overworld from the exit end portal
MC-7569 RCON output has newlines removed
MC-12062 Hotbar selection resets to the far left when exiting the end
MC-35361 Inventory opening is detected while in Nether Portal
MC-46503 You can retain a mob's shader in spectator mode by running /kill
MC-46737 Spectating entities whilst in third person still applies the mob's shader
MC-46766 Mining a block in Survival, then changing to Spectator creates a breaking animation and sound
MC-55347 Title with long duration shows in other world
MC-62997 Scoreboard overlaps debug screen
MC-69216 Switching to spectator mode while fishing keeps rod cast
MC-75721 Arrow buttons within the book GUI are rendered above tooltips
MC-81773 Bows and tridents drawn in survival/creative/adventure mode can be released in spectator mode
MC-84661 Glowing is considered a positive effect in potion item tooltips
MC-86252 Shields stay blocking and allow left-clicking under a specific condition
MC-115092 Squid/glow squid named "Dinnerbone" or "Grumm" is not upside-down
MC-112730 Beacon beam and structure block render twice per frame
MC-119417 A spectator can occupy a bed if they enter it and then are switched to spectator mode
MC-123605 Debug world still sets clear weather time instead of deactivating gamerule doWeatherCycle
MC-123450 Item frames play sound when item frame item is read from NBT
MC-127970 Using riptide on a trident with an item in your off-hand causes visual glitch with the item in your offhand
MC-129909 Players in spectator mode continue to consume foods and liquids shortly after switching game modes
MC-139041 The sounds of fishing bobbers aren't controlled by the "Players" sound slider
MC-143474 Respawning causes your hotbar to reset to the first space
MC-144761 Animated texture interpolation ignores alpha channel during transition from/to transparent pixels
MC-147659 Some witch huts spawn the incorrect cat
MC-147766 Shift key stays pressed until press any other key
MC-148993 While spectating a player, chunks cannot be loaded
MC-159283 The End terrain does not generate in multiple rings centered around the world center
MC-165595 Guardian beam does not render when over a certain "Time" in level.dat
MC-168016 The sounds of pages in books rustling aren't controlled by any sound sliders
MC-170462 Bad Omen is considered a positive effect in potion item tooltips
MC-175622 Wolf's tail will spin 360 degrees if max health is increased
MC-176806 Scoreboard criteria for using glowstone doesn't increase score when charging a respawn anchor
MC-181412 Removing a jukebox with a command while its playing a music disc, then the music will continue playing
MC-184029 Clicking into the language list does not remove focus from the focused button
MC-193343 Soul speed effect remains after switching to spectator mode
MC-195732 Going through Nether/End Portal while eating food or item causes two food items to be consumed in total
MC-201723 Statistics sprites don't look pressed when clicked
MC-202637 Last sound clip of eating will still play when Players volume is set to 0%
MC-206705 Spyglasses stay in use in spectator mode
MC-210318 Maximum length of book title changed from 16 to 15 characters
MC-212926 Eating while entering a nether portal can auto skip the eating animation
MC-215530 The freezing effect isn't immediately removed when switching into spectator mode
MC-215531 The carved pumpkin overlay isn't removed when switching into spectator mode
MC-225364 Chorus flowers can be shot in adventure
MC-227169 The main hand is broken when you hold a crossbow loaded into the secondary hand
MC-227337 When a shulker bullet hits an entity, the explodes sound is not played and particles are not produced
MC-237843 Players can be idle kicked whilst viewing the end credits
MC-244948 The minecraft:item.bundle.remove_one sound plays even when no items are unpacked from bundles
MC-245394 The sounds of raid horns blaring aren't controlled by the correct sound slider
MC-252934 Placing structures with item frames logs "Hanging entity at invalid position: BlockPosition"