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The Undergrowth is a new dimension added in this mod, it has 5 biomes, Darkstone ore variants, blocks and 2 new mobs.





1 - Luma Mushroom Forest - a biome with blue mushroom trees and foliage everywhere and luma goats spawn here rarely.

2 - Fungal Mushroom Forest - a purple variant of the Luma Mushroom Forest, but with the mushroom block you can craft Fungal Mushroom Planks, wich glow.

3 - Grim Mushroom Forest - a dark variant of the Luma Mushroom Forest and Firefly's can spawn here.

4 - Fire Fungal Forest - a orange mushroom forest with lumberry bushes and firefly's also spawn here, rarely you find a Firefly Fire Fungal Mushroom Block generating on the trees.

5 - Mossy Forest - a green dark forest with moss trees and mossy darkstone as grass.


Luma Mushroom Forest & Fungal Mushroom Forest.


Fire Fungal Forest.


Grim Mushroom Forest.


Mossy Forest.




1 - Firefly - it glows and as i sayed  earlier you can find Firefly Fire Fungal Mushroom Blocks generating in the trees of that biome, if right clicked on the block with a bucket you wil get a bucket of firefly and the firefly mushroom block replaces with an normal fire fungal mushroom block, then right click in the air and you will summon firefly's, they have 1 health point and are passive flying creature's.

2 - Luma Goat - This goat spawns in the Luma Mushroom forest as of the name, it is a rare find, it also has a glow texture and drops light blue wool, when its attacked it will first run away but do not run after it, after in ran away it will atack you, it has 20 health points and is neutral.


The Dimension:

The Undergrowth - A completely dark dimension, the dimension is fully made out of Darkstone, a new block, the biomes i've talked about earlier generate here.



1 - Darkstone - A dark blueish block that generates everywhere in The Undergrowth, when mined, you get Cobbled Darkstone, it has a polished variant, with the polished variant you can craft an polished bricks variant, most of these have slab, stairs and wall variants too.

2 - Darkstone Ore Variants - In the dimension you can find ore variants, Darkstone Iron ore, Darkstone Coal Ore, Darkstone Gold Ore, Darkstone Redstone ore, Darkstone Diamond Ore and Darkstone Darksteel Ore, the ores work just like their normal counterparts, except the diamond variant, the diamond variant drops diamond nuggets, wich can be crafted into diamond, Darksteel works like iron and gold, so you need to melt it in an furnace.

3 - Mushroom blocks - In all biomes there is an mushroom block ( except the mossy forest biome) from the fungal mushroom block you can craft fungal mushroom planks.

4 - Luma Darkstone, Fungal Darkstone, Fire Fungal Darkstone and Grim Darkstone - these blocks are like dirt in the overworld or nylium in the nether, you can place foliage and grass on these, they mine quicker then darkstone.

5 - Fungal Mushroom Planks - These planks are purple and glow and give off a light level of 4, you can use them in all recipes that include planks, there are stairs, slab, fence and fence gate, trapdoor and door variants.




1 - Darksteel Tools - these tools are slightly better then diamond tools, they mine slightly faster and the sword and axe deal slightly more damage, when mobs are hit with the sword there is a chance that the mob gets slowness, when blocks are broken with the pickaxe there is a small chance you get haste 2 for a few seconds.


How To Make The Undergrowth Portal:

First you need to craft the portal blocks, if you have JEI you need to search unactivated portal block, then click on this for the recipe, do the same thing for the igniter, Search Energy Core For the recipe. Then make a nether portal shaped portal, then activate the portal blocks with redstone, when all portal blocks are activated, click on it with the energy core.



There is more that i might have not talked about, if you dont know how everything works, please comment for help.


Note: there are not coming any updates anymore because i've lost all data

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