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Uploaded Aug 3, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +2
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Changelog - Thermal Series


-Fixes a minor issue with device configs not properly generating on the server.


-Fixes a minor issue with client configs not properly generating.


1.16.5 is now the minimum required version of Minecraft.


  • Aquatic Entangler (Cultivation)

    • Catches fish and other things from the water.
    • Bait isn't required but will make it work much better.
    • Bait can change the types of things which are caught.
    • Biome and number of water blocks in front of it matter!
    • Can use a Filter augment to restrict the final catch.
  • Bait

    • For use in the Aquatic Entangler.
    • It's data driven! You can make your own loot tables and then a bait entry to catch from it.
  • Explosives (Innovation / Locomotion)

    • 4 new types of explosives: Redstone, Glowstone, Ender, Slime.
    • Grenade, TNT, and Minecart variants.
    • Have fun. :)
  • Flax (Cultivation)

    • It's a crop. It makes string.
    • The artwork is fantastic.
  • Resource Mushrooms (Cultivation)

    • 4 types of mushrooms which when harvested, drop a generally non-renewable resource.
    • These require Mycelium, Podzol, or (untilled) Phyto-Soil to grow.
    • Glowstone, Redstone, Gunpowder, and Slime.
    • Mushroom growth cannot be sped up with bone meal or Phyto-gro.
  • Recycling recipe support! (Pulverizer and Smelter)


  • Adjusted behavior in the Induction Smelter somewhat to prevent really dumb things from happening.
  • Cells now have Transfer Control functionality and can extract from adjacent blocks.
  • Pulverizer and Smelter can now accept the Cyclical Processing augment for Catalyst reuse.
  • Refactors to where things live internally in preparation for 1.17+.


  • Fixed some weird XP calculation errors with the Insightful Crystal.
  • Minor visual fix with crops and Tilled Phyto-Soil.


1.16.4 is now the minimum required version of Minecraft.


  • Igneous Extruder (Expansion)

    • Generates various types of stone.
    • Requires a lava source and various other adjacent blocks.
    • The block under the Extruder may matter as well (for Basalt, for example).
  • Vacuumulator (Expansion)

    • Sucks up Items (and maybe XP) in an area.
    • Can use a Filter augment to restrict what it grabs.
  • Nullifier (Expansion)

    • Destroys Items and Fluids inserted into it via automation.
    • Items can be inserted manually via the GUI; a button is used to empty the inventory.
    • Can use a Filter augment to restrict valid items.
  • Decoctive Diffuser (Innovation)

    • Spreads potions in an area.
    • Redstone or Glowstone can be used to boost the potion strength or duration.
  • Energetic Infuser (Innovation)

    • Charges up to 9 items with Redstone Flux.
    • Automation-compatible, but does not automatically transfer or have side configuration.
  • Filter Augment System

    • Filter augments can be used in almost any block and will intelligently restrict input.
    • These work in some tools (Currently the FluxoMagnet).
    • Only a basic Item Filter for now. System is extensible and more filter types are coming.
  • XP Storage Augment

    • Can be placed in many different blocks to enable XP collection (from recipes). XP must be manually removed by a player.
    • This system will be elaborated on a bit more.
  • Certain blocks will play sounds when active. This can be disabled in the Client-side configuration.

  • Creative Augments which affect various aspects of blocks and tools.
  • Efficiency Augments for Machines.

  • Insightful Crystal

    • Stores XP. Can be enchanted with Holding.
    • Can automatically collect XP that a player picks up.
    • More to come with this. ;)
  • Seeds now drop from grass. (Cultivation)

  • So. Much. Mod support.
  • Two new Casts for the Blast Chiller. No uses yet in Thermal directly, but some are coming. :)


  • Augments are generally more intelligent about what they can be installed in.

    • This isn't perfect and can't work on all augments (as custom ones are possible), but it's generally a lot more convenient.
  • Basalz now spawn in Basalt Delta biomes.

  • Crescent Hammer now applies an effect on hit. ;)
  • Cyclical Processing Augment will now work with Catalysts in the Pulverizer and Induction Smelter.
  • Loads and loads of refactors and changes under the hood to improve things.
  • Lots of Texture updates!
  • Potion (bottle) support is much better. :)

  • Redstone Control and Side Reconfiguration can be disabled by default and require augments.

    • These augments are hidden and uncraftable unless this option is selected.
    • Recipes for these augments can be adjusted with a datapack, naturally.


  • Energy Cells can no longer be extracted from - they push RF only.
  • Machines will no longer complete processes and void fluid if they do not have sufficient space in a tank.
  • Mob sounds have been remastered in Mono, which lets Minecraft correctly reduce their volume.
  • Watering Can and Phyto-Gro behavior has been adjusted to work more optimally.



  • Localization updates for German, Japanese, and Italian.


  • Corrects an issue with the Tinker Bench crashing with certain fluid containers.



  • Plates and Coins will be hidden from JEI and Creative unless Thermal Expansion is installed. :)


  • Cells will more properly restrict the types of transfer allowed per side.



  • Optimizes backend behavior for Capability handling on most Tile Entities.


  • Blocks should more reliably connect to various transport solutions in all cases.



  • Some mod compatibility for Quark.


  • Cells can now have I/O sides.
  • Changes sided extraction behavior for I/O sides to be more restrictive (this generally makes automation more intuitive).
  • Improves lighting for Cells.
  • Overhauls wrench behavior - it rotates more stuff now. :)
    • I'm sure this will break something. Let's see what.


  • Corrected a minor issue with Tinker Bench drain behavior.
  • Energy Cells enchanted with Holding will now correctly keep all of their stored energy when placed.



  • Adjusts minimum fuel value limits for dynamos.



  • Correct a bug with recipe mangling and dedicated servers.
  • Correct a couple of incorrect recipes with invalid inputs.



  • CraftTweaker support is now provided. (Thanks Jared!)

  • Aqueous Accumulator

    • Provides LOTS of water.
    • Does not auto-output.
  • Energy and Fluid Cells

    • Store Energy or Fluids
    • Sides and flow amounts can be configured.
  • Pyrolyzer

    • Generally used for making Coke and Charcoal.
    • Base power is 1/4 of other machines (5 RF/t).
  • Fluids:

    • Crude Oil
    • Heavy Oil
    • Light Oil
    • Refined Fuel
    • Creosote Oil
  • Resources:

    • Bituminous Sand
    • Bitumen
    • Tar
  • Capacitato - a basic battery made with a Potato.

  • Corn - crop and seeds. Trade with a villager to obtain.
  • Many new machine recipes have been added.
  • Perspicacious Stew, which grants Clarity (+40% XP) for one minute on consumption.
  • Three new Dies for the Multiservo Press for packing and unpacking recipes.


  • Coal Coke has been renamed to "Coke" and will probably have the internal ID changed in the future.
  • Energy values for tools have been adjusted.
  • Many, many textures have been adjusted and refined. (Thanks floofHips!)
  • Prismarine Rails are now faster underwater.
  • Tinker Bench can now extract fluid from Potion Bottles.
  • Tools can now be enchanted.



  • New extra materials, for future implementation/use.
  • Adds enable/disable options for Thermal ore generation.


  • Fixes a recipe desync issue.
  • Prevents a crash when other mods would incorrectly grab unobtainable items.



  • Fixes a minor issue with Patchouli integration.


Initial 1.16 release! Same as 1.15.2-1.0.0; systems changed to conform to vanilla where necessary.


  • New machine recipes to support new vanilla 1.16 features.


  • Armor no longer shows obscure stat boosts (such as Hazard Resistance).
  • Ore generation parameters and rarity have been adjusted.



  • JEI support for Catalysts. :)
  • Thermalpedia - a guidebook!
    • Requires Patchouli.
    • Thanks very much to the team who wrote (and rewrote) this, notably ShinyPorygon and Hekera.


  • Updated numerous textures, such as Enderium parts and Thermal Innovation tools.


  • Fixed a crash with the FluxoMagnet.
  • Minor bugfixes involving the Fluid Encapsulator.



  • Added more ways to get rubber. :)


  • Adjusted augment scaling on the Flux Capacitor.


  • Fixed a corner case issue which allowed the Tinker Bench to overwrite an augment with a different one.



  • Elemental mobs no longer spawn above light level 7.


  • Corrected an issue with certain recipes not working properly in the Sequential Fabricator.



  • Sequential Fabricator
    • It has 9 slots instead of 18 now, but they are smarter.
    • The tank is included by default.
    • It will not craft complex things involving NBT data.


  • New machine textures! Thanks floofHips! :)


  • Corrected an issue with the Fluxsaw not using Radius Augments properly.
  • Minor bugfixes related to recipe processing and tank displays.



  • A lot more mod compatibility recipes for Thermal machines. Thanks ShinyPorygon!


  • Corrected a recipe error with the Induction Smelter.



  • A lot of mod compatibility recipes for Thermal machines.
  • Many new Tags to better aid in item filtering.


  • Adjusted wrench behavior for better interoperability with other mods.
  • Renamed a couple of items - this will generate a missing item warning if you have an existing world. It's fine, really - you wouldn't have had these legitimately anyway.
  • Tectonic Grenades now destroy Grass and Mycelium.


  • Various forms of energy transport should now connect to the coil end of a Dynamo.



  • Reduced mob volume even more.


  • Config option actually works as intended; ores generate.


Good job - you found bugs! This update has lots of bugfixes.


  • Fire Charge crafting recipes for Bronze, Invar, Electrum, Constantan.
  • Various machine recipes.
  • World generation can now be disabled for any of the given ores. You'll find the config file in the saves/serverconfig folder inside your world save.


  • Beekeeper and Hazmat armors will take damage when protecting from their respective effects.
  • Detonator can no longer change to Detonate mode if no TNT is primed.
  • Diving and Hazmat armors have improved (and no longer bugged) additional air logic. Air lasts roughly 5x and 2.5x longer, respectively.
  • Elemental mob Spawn Eggs have been moved to the Thermal Series Items tab. No, Creative Search cannot find them. JEI can. This is a Mojang issue.
  • Flux Capacitor now has 2 Augment slots.
  • Glacial Grenades, Explosives, and Minecarts deal a small amount of damage.
  • Hazmat armor now properly protects from lightning damage, Chilled, and Shocked status effects.
  • Hazmat armor no longer crashes the game when protecting from Poison or Wither.
  • Improved the "Clear" tooltip for Tanks and Energy Coil GUI Elements. (Hold Alt or Shift while hovering to see it.)
  • Perennial crops have had their BlockState, Loot Tables, and growth logic adjusted to be less confusing when using mods that make guesses about BlockStates. ;)
  • Potion Augments will now only increase Duration up to 1 hour (72000 ticks).
  • Potion Augments will now only increase Level up to 4 (Amplifier 3).
  • Retooled a number of backend packages.
  • Shift + Right Click will no longer attempt to insert Augments into the Augmentation Panel.
  • Tinker Bench GUI Mode Button now has tooltips.
  • Various items now have Tags.
  • Various recipes adjusted for Tag support.


  • Alchemical Quiver now has proper icons when it has Arrows but no Potion.
  • Elemental mobs now move, spawn, and have loot tables.
  • Elemental mob sounds are now quieter with distance. They're still probably too loud but at least it attenuates now.
  • Phyto-Soil Infuser is now craftable.
  • Smelter now uses the correct amounts for all inputs.
  • Tectonic Grenades, Explosives, and Minecarts no longer break unbreakable things.


Initial 1.15.2 Release!

  • It's a beta; have fun and go find bugs.





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