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TheBOM(bill of materials)Plugin


This mod adds a new tab to JEI's recipe screen that shows the item broken down into all the components needed to craft it.



Please submit any issues and/or ideas to the issue tracker on GitHub!


Bill of MaterialsTooltip



  • Breaks any crafting recipe down into its basic items
  • Makes use of extra outputs so that the item list is most accurate
  • Tooltip shows number of stacks needed
  • Toggleable GUI item tracker that shows remaining items you need
  • Ability to increase the output for when you're trying to make multiple items


 Multiple OutputsGUI Item Tracker



How to use GUI Item Tracker:

  1. Find the item you want to make in JEI
  2. Go to the Bill of Materials tab
  3. Click "Track"
  4. To scroll hold alt (Configurable in controls)
  5. To close open any item in the Bill of Materials tab and click "Untrack"


How to configure:

There are three configurations options right now:

  • Font size (number between 0 and 1 that changes the font size of the amounts in case it's too small/to work correctly with TTFR)
  • Base items (items that will not be broken down any further, such as wood planks, netherrack, or leather)
  • Recipe blacklist items (my algorithm will not choose any recipes that use these items, such as uu matter, or mystical agriculture essence)

To add items to either of these lists, you must add the registry name ("minecraft:planks") to the list. This is regex, so any regex pattern will work. If you just want to add a simple item without knowing regex, just put the registry name in between a '^' and a '$' ("^minecraft:planks$").

There is also the possiblility of targeting specific items with specific damage values. To do this simply add an @ symbol followed by the damage value to the very end of the item ("^minecraft:planks$@0").

There are more examples inside the config file.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Will you backport to 1.X.X version?



  • Mezz for JEI's api
  • Kienan for textures


Feel free to add this mod to any modpack you release! You don't have to ask for permission, but I'd love to hear what pack you are adding it to.


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