The Amethyst World

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This Minecraft mod is all about mineral named Amethyst. This mineral have purple color so because of my older mods I used Amethyst. This mod isnt't like others! This add way more things than other mods that are about Amethyst. You will have many adventures in the world where you can find stunning biomes and dungeons. Of course, you can have your own Amethyst armor and tool set, however crafting is more difficult. I thought that just going to mine some ore was too easy, so I added Crusher. Well, that wasn't enough, because how do we merge them? Yes, then I added Merger. These are the two machines that are now in game, however they don't need any energy input. Also, there is a dimension. To get to this dimension you will have to get some Blocks of Amethyst to make a Dimensional Transporter. In this dimension, you will find there many beautiful trees. It's really cold in this dimension, so get some jacket to not freeze like trees that are there. Simply put, this mod is about beauty of Amethyst and I tried to put it all in this simple mod!


         ● April 6th, 2020

                  ◌ Mod has been for the first time uploaded on MCreator with the same name The Amethyst World

         ● April 10th, 2020

                  ◌ Created forum for Ideas & Bugs

         ● April 25th, 2020

                  ◌ Mod has been for the first time uploaded on CurseForge

                  ◌ Gaansy uploaded his Cinematic Mod Showcase on YouTube

         ● June 10th, 2020

                  ◌ All of the contents from informations and crafting recipes has been moved to the official website

                  ◌ Changed style of MCreator mod website

         ● June 11th, 2020

                  ◌ Changed style of CurseForge mod website

                  ◌ Changed style of forum for Ideas & Bugs

         ● ​​​​​​​June 16th, 2020

                  ◌ ​​​​​​​French YouTuber named Didactox uploaded his Mod Review on YouTube


         ● Cinematic Mod Showcase by Gaansy


         ● ​​​​​​​French Mod Review by Didactox


         ● All Blocks and Items

All Blocks and Items - 02

All Blocks and Items - 03


         ● Cobblestone Casing, Crusher and Merger
Cobblestone Casing, Crusher and Merger


         ● Amethyst Forest at morning
Amethyst Biome at Morning


         ● Amethyst Forest while snowing
Amethyst Biome Snowing


         ● Frozen Forest at morning
The Frozen Forest at Morning


         ● Frozen Forest while snowing
The Frozen Forest Snowing


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