The Vegan Option

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Filename VeganOption-mc1.7.10-0.1.2+9.b4698.jar
Uploaded by squeek502
Uploaded May 4, 2016
Game Version 1.7.10
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MD5 c2a24a984cb4280fa8b52d741e0e1a06
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


  • Add input conversions and OreDict registration.
  • Add leather armor oredict entries.
  • Actually use the xp parameter.
  • Fix cross-mod exploit with Pam's HarvestCraft's Fresh Milk
    • VO would convert Milk -> 4x Fresh Milk recipe into the oredict version (to allow Plant Milk to be used instead), but Fresh Milk is included in the oredict so it'd create a Fresh Milk -> 4x Fresh Milk recipe
  • Register ShapelessMatchingOreRecipe with Forge's RecipeSorter
  • Fix fertilizer link in
  • Remove disclaimer about the changelog
    • Seems like the curseforge task evaluates all of its parameters on startup rather than when the task is actually executed, meaning the changelog file has not been generated yet. Giving changelog a File defers the reading to when it's actually needed
  • Add gradlew for CI support
  • Add support for uploading to curse automatically
  • Fix BlockFluidFinite patch in obfuscated environments
  • Add safety to HarvestCraft piston crafting recipe additions
  • Add basin usage text
  • A bit of tidying up
  • Fix ender rifts crashing in certain dimensions
    • Fixes #53
  • Skip redundant milk_bucket OreDict entry when MFR is installed
  • Make Soap only cure potion effects that Milk does
    • Fixes soap clearing potion effects that should be incurable (e.g. Thaumcraft warp)
    • Fixes #50 and part of #18
  • Add dough/seitan washing recipes to TE fluid transposer
  • Make dough able to be made in-world (flour + water source block)
  • Add support for consuming fluids from inside IFluidHandlers
  • Add seitan
    • Contributes towards #40
  • Actually fix straw bed doing damage when sleeping wasn't successful
    • The flag states are confusing
  • Fix straw bed doing damage when sleeping wasn't successful
    • Only meant to do damage after actually sleeping
  • Add jute seeds as an alternate large fern propagation method
    • A Jute Stalk in a crafting grid gives Jute Seeds
    • Jute seeds can be planted on dirt/grass/farmland and will grow and eventually turn into a Large Fern
    • Closes #39
  • Fix jute stalks not dropping when breaking the top of a fern
  • Make compost soil building farmland-agnostic and truly random
    • Closes #32
    • Remove the farmland check and just check for updateTick-able plants instead
    • No clue why I used that weird pseudo-random nonsense
  • Add potato -> 2x potato starch TE Pulverizer recipe
    • Closes #36
  • Fix compile error
  • Small refactor of integration/integrators
  • First pass at converting RenderBasin to use TESR
    • Still some weirdness to sort out
  • Remove system println
  • oredict: register resin/rosin under materialResin/materialRosin also
  • Only replace recipes when the class matches exactly
    • Fixes #22
  • Fix various FindBugs problems and warnings
  • Add Basin (closes #14)
  • Make the composter way more intuitive Add temperature, composting percent, and a tumble button to the composter's GUI (avoids requiring Waila to see that information and makes tumbling much more discoverable). Each GUI element also has tooltips to avoid having to look at the NEI usage to understand the basics of how the composter works
    • Closes #20
  • Fix composter GUI background being drawn twice
  • Add temperature gauge overlay to composter model
    • Contributes towards #20
  • Make soap/soap solution unrepairable
    • Fixes #19
  • Fix crash in piston crafting recipe matching
  • Fix frozen bubbles being able to be filled by any liquid
    • Whoops!
  • Make NEI text handler correctly handle fluids
  • Fix copy+paste error
  • Fix a few Javadoc formatting problems
  • Add piston crafting recipes for various HarvestCraft items
    • Adds recipes for: Mashed potatoes, batter, dough, and all fruit juices
  • Add piston crafting recipes for VO inks/soap solution/lye
  • Formalize piston crafting and add fluid input/output support
    • Fluid inputs must be displaced by the piston head
    • Fluid outputs get deposited in the fluid handler block below the piston head (fluid handler below the piston head is required for the crafting to work)
    • Add vegetable oil piston crafting recipe (closes #3)
    • Add plant milk piston crafting recipe (closes #4)
    • Add piston crafting NEI handler