The Undergarden

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Filename The_Undergarden-1.18.2-0.7.0.jar
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Uploaded Apr 18, 2022
Game Version 1.18.2   +1
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The Undergarden 0.7.0
- The Slingshot now supports multiple ammo types and more can be added by mods (Thanks Gizmo!)
- Removed Slingshot tooltip
- Depthrock Pebbles fired from a Slingshot now do damage based on velocity and distance travelled
- Goo Balls and Rotten Blisterberries are no longer throwable
- Rotten Blisterberries are now edible and will give you strange bowel movements
- Goo Balls and Rotten Blisterberries are now fired by the Slingshot
- Added Gronglet block, a small creature that is found on the trunks of Grongle trees. Can be placed on any block face and produces light and cute noises. Can be fired by the Slingshot and dispensers
- Added advancements for firing the different Slingshot ammo types
- Added advancement for dealing 20+ damage with a fired Depthrock Pebble
- Added Ricochet enchantment for the Slingshot - Projectiles fired by the Slingshot will bounce off block surfaces
- Added Longevity enchantment - Increases max durability of the Slingshot
- Added Self Sling enchantment - Instead of firing ammo, the Slingshot fires you. Requires you to be on the ground
- Added Boomgourd block, a TNT equivalent crafted with a Gloomgourd and 8 Blisterbombs. When exploding, it releases 4 Blisterbombs alongside the normal explosion
- Added Polished Depthrock blocks
- Changed Ditchbulb plant survival rules, can now be placed on most blocks
- Added Ditchbulb Paste, which is crafted from Ditchbulbs. It is now what is used as furnace fuel and for torch recipes instead of the normal Ditchbulb item. It can be used to set fires with right click, similar to a Fire Charge
- Added Undergarden stones and ores to Forge "ore_bearing_ground" and "ores_in_ground" block tags (Thanks Gizmo!)
- Removed Forgotten Guardians doing randomized damage, it is instead a base of 10
- Forgotten Guardians can now swim
- Buffed Froststeel armor
- Updated and new ambient sounds
- Updated and new sounds for some entities such as Dwellers
- Updated Rotling and Rotbeast texture
- Scintlings now have hurt/death sounds
- Added missing stonecutter recipes for Undergarden blocks
- Fixed issue where Shiverstone Utherium Ore was missing the "Ore" in its name
- Updated German translation (Thanks Amber!)
- Removed Twistytwigs from the Forge wooden sticks tag
- Added compatibility with Enchantment Descriptions mod for the new Slingshot enchantments
- New Depthrock Pebble item texture
- Depthrock Pebble item now functions as the item block of Depthrock Pebbles, and you can now place Depthrock Pebbles similarly to Sea Pickles
- New Brute model and texture