The Undergarden

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Filename undergarden-0.2.3.jar
Uploaded by Quek04
Uploaded Aug 7, 2020
Game Version 1.16.1   +1
Size 13.67 MB
Downloads 96,936
MD5 2b756c7864b11f0b45d712b060ff4d60
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Release Alpha 0.2.3

please stop downloading this

- Added Smogstem and Wigglewood logs to the logs_that_burn tag
- The new ores (iron, gold, diamond) are now carvable, should prevent them from floating in caves
- Stoneborn sounds and associated subtitles
- Rotling sounds and associated subtitles
- Stoneborn explosions no longer cause block damage despite mobGriefing gamerule being false

- Fixed Smogstem Saplings growing into Wigglewood trees.... oops!
- Fixed blocks (like Depthrock) being harvestable without proper tools
- Tweaked Rotspawn & Stoneborn spawning values
- Fixed being able to waste bonemeal on Deepturf... AGAIN
- Barren Abyss now has black ash as it's ambient particle