The Travelers Adventure 2

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This is an overhauled version of my mod The Traveler's Adventure. As such it will, in the end, encompass parts of that mod which have been updated or even completely overhauled.

I highly advise that when you use this in the development version of the mod you also use Just Enough Items. That mod allows you to view all the items and blocks in The Travelers Adventure 2.

What's in the mod

This mod contains many decorative blocks as well as slabs that can be placed up, down and vertical. It also replaces all the textures in vanilla Minecraft automatically unless you have a texture pack on. if you have any other questions please head over to my discord server.



you can view the recipes for the things crafted in the sawmill, stone cutter, and glass cutter blocks here.

the recipes for the blast furnace and smoker are the same as in the furnace (practically the same as in 1.14).



Spanish Translation by ALEXYSSSJ4


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