The Summoner

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This is a little mod revolving around a mob called the Summoner. You might recognize him as an Illager and his name probably gives away what he does. There is more to him than you think however. Continue below for more info. 


This mod is still in beta! More features are planned and I expect a bunch of issues to arise mostly concerning mod compatibility and balance. It also requires MultiMob to run!


The Summoner


These guys spawn like any other mob but are a bit more uncommon. They attack players, villagers and iron golems on sight. As you might have guessed they spawn a group of mobs to fight for them! 



Here you see a Summoner summoning some zombies to attack an Iron Golem. See the green around the Summoner? This means he is invulnerable to attacks! He puts up that shield when casting summons and it lasts a few seconds before it ends. He will keep spawning new summons on a cooldown; however the summons only stay alive for 500 ticks before they automatically die. 


If you manage to kill a Summoner; their summons will remain until their time limit is up. The Summons do not drop anything; however the Summoner drops a Summoner Orb and possibly some Emeralds.


The Summoner Orb

Summoner drop these 100%. They can be used to capture spirits of any mob! (Mobs can be blacklisted in the config file). While you have one in your inventory there is a small chance a spirit of a mob you kill is captured in the orb. The chance is dependent on the mob's health. A mob with 20 health will have a 1/20 chance of being captured on death. In creative mode, you can simply right-click a mob with an orb to capture them. Once captured; you can right click with the orb to summon the mob as your follower. 



This zombie is the follower of the player you see here. They follow you and attack whatever you attack. Shift-rightclick them to make them stay if needed. You will notice that spawning the mob costs durability for the orb. An orb has limited uses but can be repaired with an ender pearl. You can right-click the mob with the orb to make them retreat. The mob will also retreat when they die OR when their time limit runs out. A mob summoned from these orbs will remain for 2000 ticks (they also don't despawn).


Not happy with the mob you captured? Simply put the orb in a crafting grid and you can reset it's contents.


Time to make an army!


The Summoner Boss


Right-clicking a Summoner with an Eye of Ender start a mini-boss fight that can actually be pretty tough. The Summoner Boss has 5 waves of enemies that he throws at you; during that time he is invulnerable to any attack! Defeat the waves to make him vulnerable again. Be careful though, the boss can despawn when you die! So make sure you are prepared or you might not get a second chance. It's a decent challenge with a fun reward. The Boss drops an Enhanced Summoner Orb, as well as multiple Emeralds and normal Summoner Orbs. He also has a chance to drop a Totem of Undying.


The Enhanced Summoner Orb

Works the exact same as a normal orb; however it has increased durability and any summon done with the orb has no time limit; basically making it a permanent pet until the mob dies in battle.


Configuration and customization

The mod's config can be accessed from within the game through the mod options menu.

The following general options can be changed:

- Edit Mode: Enable/Disable edit mode, see below.

- Mob blacklist: A list of all mobs that cannot be captured by a Summon Orb.

- Overlay: Enable/Disable the visual overlay for summons. CLIENT SIDE only.


The Summoner spawn rates can be changed through the MultiMob settings.


Edit Mode

Edit mode allows you to edit the Summoner's summon groups and boss waves. See below how!

This should be done server side only (or on both sides). Using the following method you can add modded mobs to the summoner groups.


Whenever you capture a mob in creative mode using a Summoner Orb in Edit Mode; the game will put out a small file in the minecraftInstallationFolder/config/thesummoner/summongroups folder. That file is the NBT data for that mob (has no file extension). So you can use /summon to spawn a crazy mob, then capture it and create a nbt file for it. 


In order to create summon groups or boss waves you will need to put these nbt files in specific folders. Make sure you are still in that summongroups folder. In that folder you can make new folders for each group/wave and I will explain with examples:


A folder called "group1_3" will populate the first summon group a Summoner can choose from. That group will have a weight of 3. The weight means the likeliness of the group being summoned. The higher the number, the more likely it will be chosen. Add the nbt files for each mob of that group inside of that folder to add them to the summongroup. Then a folder called "group2_1" will be group 2 with a weight of 1 etc. etc. Note that when you add your own summon group; the default ones will all be overwritten. Go in game and test if it works by spawning a Summoner and an Iron Golem :)


For boss waves; do the same as above but make a folder called "bossgroup1" for the first wave etc. Add all relevant NBT files to that folder to make them part of the wave. Seeing as these all go in order there is no need to define weights. 


Check here for some examples that the mod uses for it's default summon groups!


Make sure you follow the syntax above as, although there is some safety code, some weird setups might crash the game. The game does output errors in the logs as well when problems occur.

Some questions and answers:


Why isn't this guy part of Primitive Mobs? 

- Mostly cause I felt the Summoner Orb feature was a bit too complex for a Vanilla-like feature, which is the primary focus of Primitive Mobs. Additionally the features of this mod still need quite a bit of polish; so I did not want to add it to Primitive Mobs as I think that mod is nearly out of beta.


Known issues:

- An orb is not linked to a summon atm; meaning that when a summon dies they choose a random orb in the inventory.

- When a player dies, a summon on a time limit can not return to it's orb so it will be lost.

- The Summoner probably summons fires when running away atm. Will be fixed in next MultiMob version.


Planned Features:

- A new villager with a Friendly Summoner profession that sells orbs containing mobs to summon

- The ability to craft an orb together with a Sword to imbue it with a "Bane" towards that mob, meaning it will deal double damage to them.

- Ability to heal summons.

- Balance changes

- Many bug fixes once the bugs arise :^)


Please let me know if you encounter any issues in the bugtracker OR give some balance feedback if you find some stuff that's broken :) Thanks!!


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