The Stuff Extension

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The Stuff Extension:

Because sometimes Minecraft doesn't have enough stuff...


What is The Stuff Extension?:

The Stuff Extension adds a plethora of new materials, tools, armors, and other fun things to do with all of these. These new materials lead to new machines, new ways to store your stuff, all sorts of fun new mechanics, and, of course, more new materials!

At its heart The Stuff Extension is about alloying. There are many new ores added by the mod which can be combined in the Alloy Furnace to create new materials. Copper and Tin make Bronze. Copper and Aluminum make Brass. There are many combinations which can lead to so many new, exciting tools.

The Stuff Extension is also a bridge towards other mods. The mod was designed with the idea of being combinable with many other mods. For example, each of the materials is usable in Tinkers' Construct to make tools (pending next full release, currently this is an alpha feature). Also with Tinkers' Construct new alloys can be made using the metals provided (still an alpha feature).


What does The Stuff Extension add?:

The Stuff Extension primarily adds new materials, some of these materials originate from a series of new ores found within the world, some of these materials are harder to get.


Enter the Alloy Furnace:

The Alloy Furnace is the primary access point for the materials found within The Stuff Extension. Using the Alloy Furnace (also recommended to use Just Enough Items to see which metals work together) new metals can be combined to create entirely new materials (to not try in real life, these materials do not actually exist!).

Using the new materials it is also possible to create store boxes which function as more optimal chests that take up less space and hold more.


How do I get started?:

Getting started is simple, this is a mod that is meant to expand upon Minecraft, not completely rework how it works (although if combined with other mods, it can enhance new ways to play). So, by playing Minecraft as if it were vanilla, you are able to enter the world of The Stuff Extension and do everything intended by this mod.


How do I install this mod?:

The Stuff Extension installs like all other mods on Forge, with no other required mods (although Just Enough Items has built in compatability and complements the mod well).

For those new to Forge, installation works as follows:

1. Download the newest version of Forge (the installer) for the version of Minecraft you intend to play The Stuff Extension with.

2. Back up your .minecraft folder. (Recommended so that if something goes wrong you have a backup)

3. Run the Forge installer and choose Client

4. Run Minecraft once with no mods installed

5. Open up the .minecraft folder (on Windows search %APPDATA% or go into Roaming)

6. Open the mods folder and put the TSE-vX.jar file in

7. Optional: Install Just Enough Items

8. Run Minecraft

9. Enjoy :)


Upcoming Features:

The following list of features is 1. by no means complete, 2. by no means definite, and 3. in no logical order

1. Tinkers' Construct Integration

2. RF Integration

3. New Machines

4. New Dimensions

5. More Materials

6. New Tooltypes

7. Complete OreDictionary Integration (this is actually a priority for me currently)

8. Something Completely Different?


(I am also open to suggestions; current suggestions include: late game flying)



Any Other Questions?:

Feel free to post in the comment section here or on our forum page: here.



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