The Spiderman Mod

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This Mod Adds Spiderman And Venom Armor, Tools And kinds of Stuff Enjoy This Mod



Version 1.15.2-0.0.1

-Adds Radioactive Tools And Guns

-Adds Venorite Tools

-Adds 2 More Effects Venom's Fang And Radioactive

-Adds 5 Spiderman Suits

-Adds 20 Advancements

-Adds 1 New Mob Called Venom Symbiote And Has A 100% to drop 1 Venom Symbiote 50% Chance To Drop 3+ Venom Symbiote And 2 Venom Fangs

-Adds A Venom Fang Spear And Knife

-Adds Webshooters

-Adds A Venom Symbiote Version Of The Cobweb

-Adds A New Block Called Rushed Chiseled Stone Brick

-Radioactive Effect And Fire Deals 5+ Damage Against Venom Symbiote


Version 1.15.2-0.0.2

-You Can Now Walk Through Radio Active Splash

-Venom Symbiote Now Spawn In When The Meteor Crashes Or Spawns In Crash Site

-Webshooters Now Have Durability And Cooldown

-Iron Webshooters Has 1,561 Durability

-Basic Webshooters Has 561 Durability

-Webshooters Have A 1-Second Cooldown

-Screen Overlay When Venom Suit Equip

-Adds A Meteor Staff

-Meteors Has A Small Chance To Spawn

-Meteor Staff Can Be Crafted With 2 Blaze Rod, 1 Fire Charge, And 2 Nether Star


Version 1.15.2-0.0.3

-Adds 3 New Structure Scrolls

-Adds 2 New Meteor Structures

-Venom Symbiote Can't Spawn In Night Anymore They Now Spawn In Falling Meteor Or Mining A Crashed Meteor Block

-Sneak + Right-Click To Spawn Structure With Structure Scroll


Version 1.15.2-0.0.4 (Unreleased)

-This Is A Backport Of Version 1.16.5-0.0.3 - Let There Be Carnage



-1.16.5 - 0.0.1

  -Fixes Structure Scroll Glitch

  -Retextured With Cool New Textures

  -Other Kinds Of Stuffs Are Fully Customizable In Game rules

  -Added Riot Venom Is A Tougher Version Of Venom

  -Riot's Hand It Allows You To Switch Your Riot Tools


-1.16.5 - 0.0.2

  -Bug Fixes

       -Structure Scrolls Now Have 1 Use

       -Radio Active Tool Effect Hit Don't Work

  -Added Structure Loader It Loads Structures Required Structure Scroll


-1.16.5 - 0.0.3 - Let There Be Carnage

  -Snapshot Only - On Progress

  -Sneak+Right Click To Web Sling (Have Some Few Bugs)

  -Carnage Added




Note : For Modpack Makers

-Please Ask Permission Before Including In Your Modpack.

-For Issues

  -If You Have Github Account (Click Me)

  -If You Don't Have Github Account (Just Comment It)


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 -Throw It

 -Better Phantoms (New) -



Known Bugs :

 -Web Shooter Swings You With The Web

 -Structures Is Spawned In Wrong Biomes, Locations, And Too Often

 -Naturized Meteor Structure Spawn Above Ground (It Must Be Between The Ground And Stones : Like Ruined Portals)

 -Radio Active Splash Can Destroy Any Block

 -Spider Web Doesn't Slow You

 -Venom/Riot/Carnage Armor Is Almost Invaluable

 -Carnage Symbiote Drops Normal Symbiote


Version 1.0.0 (WIP, 100% Rewrited To Eliminate Bugs And To Have A Fresh New Start)


 -Now Fully Rewrite Holding Will Display {[Web Fluid : 0/100 ]} On Actionbar

 -Webshooters Are Still In 3 Tiers (Basic, Iron, Advanced)

 -Webshooters Now Have Limited Supply Of Web Fluid The Max Capacity Is Tier x 100

 -Webshooters Now Have More Shooting Types (Default Shot, Swing, Electric Shot, Bomb Shot & Thick Shot)

   -Default Shot Uses 5 Web Fluid And Shoots A Long Web String

   -Swing Uses 10 Web Fluid And Swings You Also Not Like Before Now It Will Carry You And Swings You High On End

   -Electric Shot Uses 1 Electric Charge (Does Not Shot Lightning Bolt, It Shoots Electrical Webs That Zap You For 5 Seconds) [Advanced]

   -Thick Shot Shoots A Very Thick Web That Is Surrounded By Cobwebs [Iron&Advanced]

   -Cobweb Placed By Webshooters Vanishes After 10 Seconds


 -Spiderman Armor Are Now Renamed To Spidersuit 

 -They Now Have Fair Armor Points

 -The Red And Blue Suit Above Have A Tech Ui






Future Plans :

  •  New Items : (Base In The Radioactive Spiders)
  • New Mob: Green Goblin 
  • New Items/Weapons  : (Base In Green Goblin)
  • New Item: Green Goblin Board
  • New Boss: Sand Man
  • New Item: Sand Man's Hand ( Base On Riots Hand But Made With Sandstone)
  • New Music Disc: Sunflower From Spider-Verse
  • More Achievements
  • I Will Backport New Features And Textures To 1.15
  • Auto Venom Suit Up



  •  Are You Going To Make A Fabric Version? - Maybe, But It Might Have Missed Features Because Fabric Don't Support Other Codes
  • Can I Include This On My Mod pack? - Yes, But Ask A Permission

Mod Will Not Update Because I Will Have A Break And Im Making A New Mod If This Mod Gets 15 Issues And 38k Download I Will Update It As Soon As Possible


About The Mod

 This Mod Is Not Made In MCreator And This Mod Is For Forge
 The First Version Was Made From MCreator And I Remade Version 0.0.2 In GitHub And VSCode Because MCreator Lacks Customizations I Know Custom Mod Element But It Has Restriction. Version 1.0.0 Is Fully Rewrited In Pure Codes And Not Made From Mcreator.


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