The Space Invasion Mod

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The Space Invasion Mod adds new Space themed Armor, Tools, Weapons, Mobs, Achievements, a new Biome and Boss into your Minecraft World

 The story goes as follows: Aliens are beginning to invade the Minecraft world. They have started infecting the earth with bits of the moon, along with their inhabitants. Its up to you to gear up and show the aliens where they belong. 


 This mod will add:

  • Space Armor/Tools/Weapons which can be upgraded to Powered Space Armor/Tools/Weapons
  • New Items
  • A new Biome with new Blocks and Mobs in it
  • New Projectiles
  • New Achievements that help you through the mod
  • A new Creative Tab
  • A new unique Boss with drops


The Mod is in version 1.2.6 at the moment and sadly only exists for Minecraft version 1.6.4. I hope to update the mod to 1.7.10/1.8.9/1.9 in the near future.

This is the mods first release, so please help me find possible bugs/glitches/errors



 Mod made by Jonniz01 with help from Lord_O_Fire


Space Armor and Sword + Space Infestation Biome


The Alien General


Aliens in  The Space Infestation Biome



The Creative Tab


Ultronium Ore




Space Sword

Does 6 damage


Space Pickaxe

Better than Diamond


Space Axe

Better than Diamond


Space Shovel (Spade)

Better than Diamond


Space Helmet

Gives 4 Armor points


Space Chest

Gives 8 Armor points


Space Leggings

Gives 6 Armor points


Space Boots

Gives 3 Armor points



This recipe works on all "Space Gear". "Powered Space Gear" has

increased stats as well as a nice animation.


Space Grenade 

Throws an explosive grenade on right click


Anti Gravity Space Pills

Helps your body defy the power of gravity for 3 minuets when eaten


Space Stimulant

Basically an upgrade to a Golden Apple. Gives Regeneration 3, Speed and

Fire Resistance when taken


Space Burger

Fills 6 hunger bars and gives Resistance when consumed


Alien Summoner

Summons in the Alien General on right click. Make sure you're ready for him


Laser Charge

Throws a deadly Laser on right click. The Laser will do 40 damage if it hits a mob

Tips and more Mod Info:


         Ultronium Ingots can be obtained by smelting Ultronium Ore, which

                      can  be found below between level 1-16


       Weird Alien Items are a common drop from Aliens, which can be

                       found in the Space Infestation Biome


            Rare Alien Relics are a rare drop from Aliens


           Energy Gems are obtained by killing the Alien General. Try hitting

                         a mob with it


          Moonstone can be found in the Space Infestation Biome


The Alien General:

Before fighting the General its recommended to have the Powered Space Armor and Sword. It is also useful to fight him in an open area.

The Alien General has 600 health, he will spawn in 4 minions every 10 times you hit him. When the General gets down to 500 health he will become knockback resistant. At 300 he will spawn lightning as well as minions. When the Alien General hits 100 health he becomes a lot faster.

The General will drop 3 Energy Gems, 6 Ultronium Ingots, 4 Wierd Alien Items and 3 Diamonds on death.


More help on how the mod works can be found in the Achievements













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