The Moon Mod

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  • This Forge Mod adds a whole new dimension to explore; THE MOON!!!



How to get there?

You can get to the moon by making a portal the same way you would make a nether portal but instead of obsidian, you need to use End Stone.

To light the portal, go to a crafting table and put the flint & steel in the middle and you get the lighter.




Once you're on the moon, you might see a type of stone called Moon Steel. If you get 9 of these you can craft them into an iron shard, once you get 9 iron shards you can get an iron nugget.


Also, this mod adds a new material called Moon Shards moon shards can be made into armour, tools, and blocks.

And Purple (not very creative but has a background story) can be made into armour a bit worse than diamond really common. You mine it in the first MoonBiome or MoonBIome8 it's everywhere in MoonBiome8. 

After that smelt, it, done craft it into whatever armour you want!


This mod also adds 9 biomes all can be found In the moon one of them has a block called the creatorstone if you mine it you get moon cheese! moon cheese can be used in a furnace as fuel.

Another biome adds the Firestone block. You can craft it into a Redstone and it is about as hard as stone.




Moon Zombie - drops 1 moon shard and maybe their armour or sword.



Aliens - they won’t attack you unless you hit them



Burner - these mobs are aggressive so watch out if you kill one. Drops moon shard. They are equipped with a stone sword, diamond chest plate, leather leggings, and the MOON BOOTS!



Lurker - (sorry I was out of names so I just made it that lol) - these mobs are aggressive as well they throw tridents they are pretty small and drop tridents.



MoonRaider - these mobs are like moon zombies aggressive and fast.



MoonCreeper - By special request! these mobs are like creepers but are more camo-ish. "Like a boss, like a creeper."  -Markus Persson



 MoonGhast - also by special request! These mobs are like ghasts but different...



Lastly, this mod also adds a new music disk called the moon disk. I think it's pretty good but I guess you'll have to hear it for yourself!



-Made by the #4 developers; biggolden_flame101bigbeluga6


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