The Mining Dimension

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Using quartz and steel on a cobblestone portal will bring you to a new dimension at the crossroads of the Nether and Overworld - the Mining Dimension. You can dig through the vast amounts of stone to collect ores and materials, or you can attempt to reclaim the massive dark caverns from the monsters that inhabit them. This mod features all ores from the overworld and nether, as well as some new blocks.


Mining Dimension


New blocks include:

  • Energized Stone
  • Charcoal Ore
  • Flint Ore
  • Gunpowder Ore
  • Prismarine Ore
  • Lapis/Redstone Ore
  • Iron/Gold Ore
  • Concentrated Iron Ore
  • Funky Ore
  • Obsidian Diamond Ore
  • Compressed Diamond Ore
  • Emerald/Diamond Ore
  • Blue Orchid Ore
  • Quartz Ore
  • Netherite Ore
  • Nether Iron Ore
  • Grassy Netherrack
  • Grassy Gravel
  • Mystery Ore
  • Magic Ore
  • Experience Ore


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