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The Minecraft Challenges Mod

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1. Installation

Install Forge and drop the [1.8]TheMinecraftChallenges.jar into %appdata%/.minecraft/mods. Click here for a simple tutorial. 


2. About this mod

Have you ever wanted to play Minecraft competitively? Beat your friends, or even the whole world, to show you are the Minecraft Master? This is your chance! The Minecraft Challenges brings competitive challenges into Minecraft. Show you are the best in Jump Challenges, Fighting Mobs and Archery to the whole world. Get to the top of the online leaderboards!

There are currently 3 challenges in this mod. More challenges will be coming soon in future updates!


3. The Challenges

1. Jumpchallenge

The first challenge is the Jump Challenge. In this jumpchallenge you will have to jump from bedrock platform to bedrock platform as you avoid the red blocks. In the beginning this will be easy, as you will be going pretty slow, but the challenge will speed up. Try to keep up, because every second your score will increase.


Time Attack variant

In this variant of the Jump Challenge the challenge won't speed up. It will just go as fast as you go, but you only have 2 minutes. Run as far as you can in these 2 minutes, because every block you run will be a point towards your score.


2. Arena

The second challenge is the Arena. Fight unlimited waves of mobs. Every mob you kill gives you a point. Complete a wave to advance to the next one.


Madness Mode variant

In this variant the waves won't advance when you finish the last one, but they will advance time based. This means that if you are very slow killing the mobs, there will be more and more till you get overrun. Also, there are some techniques on using this mode in your advantage. You can, for example, use the creepers from the creeper wave to kill some other mobs in the explosion.


3. Archery

Chickens will be falling down around you. Use your bow to kill every chicken. If just one chicken makes it to the ground, it's game over. Keep track of your surroundings, don't miss a single spawning chicken, and be the best sharpshooter to get a high score. This challenge is actually the hardest challenge to get high scores.


Time Attack variant

Kill as many as possible chickens in 2 minutes.


4. King of the Hill

You are on a 10x10 platform and attacked by mobs. You, and the mobs, have infinite health. To win you must push the mobs off the platform. The mobs have the same goal.


5. Run 'n Dodge

This is a fast paced running challenge. Avoid the red rock and run across the passages. You have 60 seconds to get as far as possible.


6. Flappy Parcour

Basically Flappy Bird, in 3D. Instead of flying through pipes you'll fly through holes in the wall.

4. The leaderboards

As told above, this mod uses live online leaderboards. Whenever you finish a challenge your score will automatically be added to the leaderboard. You can find the leaderboards over on


5. Multiplayer

I have actually been able to make this mod available to be used in LAN multiplayer! Do the challenges together with your friends and see who can get the highest score. All of the players' scores will be added to the online leaderboards. To start a challenge together, make sure all players have installed this mod, are close to eachother, and then rightclick one of the challengeblocks.


6. Bugs

The programming in this mod is very complicated. I've been trying to create an as awesome as possible user experience, while making it as impossible as possible for people to cheat (as I don't want to see cheated scores on top of the leaderboards). This actually created a lot of bugs, which are almost all solved. I might actually have missed a few. These bugs may make challenges despawn right after making them, or do other kinds of weird things. If you find a (crash) bug please report it at and I will look into it as soon as possible.


7. About me

The maker of this mod is SimJoo. You can know me from the Instant Massive Structures Mod. I've started creating mods 3 years ago. In the meanwhile I stopped about 1 year to focus on my study, but now I'm back with brand new sparkly programming skills which allowed me to create this mod. All of your support would be greatly appriciated. I always read all the comments I get and will try to reply to most of them, so if you have something to tell me, leave it in the comment section.


8. Disclaimer

This mod has been made by Simon Baars. All Rights Reserved. I do only allow anyone to post this mod on other sites if they use a download link referring to or (with an exception for curseforge). I will do everything I can to get posts using their own download links offline.