The Midnight

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Filename themidnight-0.1.2.jar
Uploaded by cipher_zero_x
Uploaded Nov 29, 2018
Game Version Forge
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MD5 f1d79b2e4c574212ffd9d3c4293155d8
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Java 8
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-3 new ores with their respective nuggets, items, ores and storage blocks,

-Added shadowroot, nightstone, ebonys, nagrilite and tenebrum tools, you can progress in midnight a bit now

-Added tenebrum armor, more soon to come

-Restructured dark willow trees, they're much more bulky, you can make a small home in the stump

-Giant mushrooms no longer glow on the outside of the caps, eerie!

-Suavis, a new foodsource found on the floors of the vigilant forest, makes you quite dizzy... Its not fertile, so be careful with your rations, cook it or you're in for a treat... I mean a trip...

-Work in progress mob, the hunter, you can play around with it in creative

-Pirate speak translation, yarrr