The Mi Alliance: Invasion!

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Mi! Mi mi mi!

The Mi Alliance is coming to colonize your world.

Who? What? How?



Mi Alliance introduces a powerful faction that operates like players do- building structures, exploring terrain, and fighting whoever gets in their way. The army of white blobs known as Mi’s will stop at nothing to claim what is theirs. An all-new Minecraft experience where the enemy stands at your doorstep. This and new biomes, fully staffed Mi facilities, new gadgets, and the ability to grow your own army of cute soldiers.

Mi Alliance increases the difficulty of normal Minecraft, and no mercy will be given. Prepare yourself…

A companion Shorts series about Mi gameplay is available here:


Full documentation and development log is here:


Beautiful showcase of the power of Colonies by Karat Feng Minecraft!


CURRENT FEATURES (Mi Alliance v3.1.0):

-A unique, intelligent new enemy systematically invades your world.

-An intelligent enemy that builds their own bases from the ground up- in every dimension.

-Over ten new mobs to fight- each with their own variations and AI.

-Build and command your own army of Mi’s.

-Creative options and configuration.

-A new dungeon to explore that contains unique hurdles and powerful artifacts.

-A full campaign's worth of advancements.

-Two new trees.

-Various new gadgets, such as teleporters, a stone that teleports you home, blocks and fruits that provide buffs, and defensive turrets that attack mobs.

-Various new decorative blocks.

-Various new world spawns/dynamic dungeons including sweet loot.

-The mod is selectly open source. If you want to contribute, come to our community to expand the power of Mi!

Now out for Forge 1.16.5, 1.18.2 and 1.19.2. (US English localization)

Highly recommended to play with a recipe/inventory management mod.

If you have any suggestions or commentary, please fill out my feedback form! That’ll allow me to improve Mi Alliance the best way I can.

Mi Alliance Feedback Report: https://forms.gle/Ef2tuoh1NC4irvic7

Mi Alliance Bug Report: https://forms.gle/45sPrZiPxdUDVUDaA

My Discord server is dedicated to Mi Alliance, but also many other personal projects. For questions or discussions about Mi Alliance, you can join that server or message me directly!



Mi Alliance Official Server!

-An epic co-op experience!

-Sponsored by the good people at ROCKETNODE! https://rocketnode.com/minecraft-hosting/

-Join our Discord for more details!


Mi Alliance installs like any other Forge mod.

  1. Install the newest version of Minecraft Forge for the correct version of Minecraft.
  2. Make sure to run this profile at least once to generate the Mods folder.
  3. Install the Jar file of Mi Alliance.
  4. With every mod you install, it is recommended to make backups of your Minecraft, especially your worlds!
  5. Put the Jar file into the Mods folder. This can be found by typing %appdata% into your computer’s search bar. This takes you to Roaming, which takes you to .minecraft, which takes you to the Mods folder.


You may use the mod for a diverse array of purposes and for modpacks! Actually, please do, and please inform me when you use this mod for a video or a modpack.

However, credit for the mod should be given to me. I’d really appreciate that. Link people to this page, so that more people can witness the Alliance!

Things you are not allowed to do:

-Profit from the mod in any commercial way.

-Claim authorship over the mod or a modified version of it.

-Reupload the mod or a modified version of it.