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The Medkit Mod

This is not finished so if you find any bugs, misspellings or want to change something, write it in the issue tracker or the comments


This mod mainly adds two new ways to heal yourself in battle, the medkit and the bamboo bandage. It also adds some mysteries for you to explore( Or you just click on the spoiler button V )

What everything does

Medkit: Gives you full heath


Bamboo Bandage: Heals you one heart


How to make everything

Medkit: First you need to craft a healing clump. You do that with 1 nether wart in the middle, 1 glistering melons on each side and 1 blaze powder on both the top and the bottom. After that you surround the healing clump with paper to get healing paper. To make the medkit itself you need to put the healing paper in the middle. Then make like a boat of red wool around the healing paper and put a golden nugget in the top. After that you put string in the upper corners to hold it all together.


Bamboo Bandage: Just put bamboo in the middle and paper on ALL sides. 


The Mysteries 

This mod also adds one biome and The OP Medkit!


Blossom Forest: A new biome with a new blossom tree. With blossom logs you can make all the things you expect from a new wood type plus healing paper. To make healing paper you just make normal paper with blossom planks instead of sugar cane.


The OP Medkit: A medkit with two modes. Healing mode gives regeneration to the mobs you hit and the hurting mode instakills the mobs (Can be turned of with gamerule "opMedkitOnlyHeal")


 This mod was made with MCreator


You can use this mod in a modpack, don´t ask





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