The Laer Dimension

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Brand new Laer Dimension! 

  1. Nether style, but lots of ice.
  • Ice Laer Ore spawns
  • Most types of hostile mobs spawn here, except for Magma Cube
  • Get there by making the Portal Frame instead of the obsidian, and use the Laer Portal Igniter to ignite it.


  1. Laer Gem 
    • Spawns in Nether and Overworld, extremely rare in the Overworld
  2. Laer Gem Shard
    • Made with the Ice Laer Ore from the Laer Dimension. Used to make the Laer Gem Piece.
  3. Laer Gem Piece
    • Used to make the Laer Gem.
  4. Laer Armour
    • 24 total Armour points
    • Enchantability is 20
  5. Laer Tools
    • Laer Sword - 10 damage, 2,000 uses
    • Laer Pickaxe - 6 damage, 2,000 uses, 10 efficiency
    • Laer Axe - 6 damage, 2,000 uses, 10 efficiency
    • Laer Hoe - 2,000 uses
    • Laer Shovel - 5 damage, 2,000 uses, 10 efficiency
    • Laer Machine Gun - Experimental
    • Laer Explosive Gun - Experimental


  1. Laer Ore - Spawns in Overworld, rarer than diamond
  2. Ice Laer Ore - Spawns in Laer Dimension
  3. Laer Block - For decoration and storage
  4. Portal Block- Used to make to portal to the Laer Dimension


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Laer Helmet

Laer Chestplate

Laer Leggings

Laer Boots

Laer Sword Laer Pickaxe

Laer Axe

Laer Shovel

Laer Hoe

Laer Gem




Laer Block

Portal Frame Block


(crossed out means finished)

  1.  New Hostile Mobs in the Laer Dimension to make it more challenging.
    • Laer Pigmen, always aggressive
    • Add hostile mobs to the Laer
  2. A Laer Bow, gives enemies slowness
  3. Retexture Laer Armour Model
  4. More to come! I am always open to suggestions, so feel free to message me in the comment section! And remember everything is subject to change in the future!


  • None that I know of

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