The Isle of Hell Creek

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Very late Announcement- Dead project, might be rebooted. Check out my other project that is only in works.
The Isle of Hell Creek

 Note: Summon Austroraptor with /summon revolutions:austroraptor



Welcome to The Isle of Hell Creek, a mod about being a dinosaur or cloning one! This is a unique dinosaur mod that stands out from others, this mod will contain many things. Things from playing as a dinosaur, unique fauna and flora, and more games than just Saurian and Isle!


What is this mod about?
Dinosaurs and exploration. We are adding dinosaurs from both The Isle and Saurian, both will be somewhat tied but separate mostly. We will be adding plenty of content that will be mentioned later on.
How is this different from other prehistoric-related mods?
Simple, we are adding unique content. The dinosaurs may be the same as other mods, but we are adding Saurian and Isle content, which only has been attempted once that relates only to The Isle. We differ since we are more exploration based and realism-based for the Saurian section of the mod. 


What will be Included?
Plenty of things. We are including lots of prehistoric dinosaurs, plants, and much more. It will add new dimensions to explore and things to do. 


Want to Help?
If you have any talent in Modeler, Coding, Animating, Texturing, or sound designing, you can apply on Discord or the Application Form. 


The Isle Update 1 Fauna List:
Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex)
Hyperendocerin Rex (Hypo Rex)



Current Developers:
Bastion14: Lead Developer and Owner, Modeler, Animator, Texturer
LordofLustria: Lead Developer, Animator, and Texturer
Ikeleon02: Lead Developer, Coder
Danigirl23: Marketer Advertiser
Bug-Winge: Developer, Sound Designer
JDAwesomeness: Developer, Texturer
JurassicGamer8768: Developer, Modeler
Akrivus: Retired Develouper



Discord Server Link:
Application for Developer:



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