The Irregular Chef! (A Farmer's Delight Add-on)

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The Irregular Chef: An UNOFFICIAL compat mod for Farmer's Delight and various other mods.

This mod simply adds a dozen or so recipes that act as additional compatibility between a variety of well known mods.

It is recommended that you use the Just Enough Items mod in order to see everything this mod has to offer.



NOTE: I am not affiliated with Team Abnormals or any other groups this mod adds compat for. Please don't pester them about questions relating to this mod, thank you! In addition, this mod should be fine and compatible with all instances of Abnormals, Aurora, and FD addons. Note that I retain no intellectual ownership of the slabfish used in the logo, haha.

If you'd like to check out the official MCA/FD compat mod Abnormals Delight, click here!

If you've a hankerin' for more Farmer's Delight-based cooking content, feel free to check out this page.



A big thank you to dannyk11 for helping out with the sprite workload!

Another large thanks to Evo for assisting with the art as well!