The Iron Forge

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RELEASE 1.2: The Old Remade New Update, out for 1.17.1!!!!


The Iron Forge is a mod that adds several new blocktypes, including multiple new types of stone, several types of slate, and adds some furnaces. The furnaces take ores, and "smelt" them into the block version (ex. Iron Ore into a Block of Iron). This isn't too overpowered, because the furnaces are quite expensive to craft.



The following furnaces are currently added: Iron, Gold, Lapis Lazuli, Diamond, Emerald, Netherite, and Obsidian. Ancient Debris gets smelted into a block of Netherite Scrap, and Obsidian gets smelted into an Obsidian Shard.


The Underground:

The Underground is a critical destination for crafting the furnaces. It houses several materials required for making a few furnaces. It also holds a new ore...



Titanium is a new ore that is stronger than Netherite, but is only found in The Underground. There isn't much now, but there are very big plans for Titanium.



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