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Wild Expanse adds a few new features, including the venomous spider and new armor sets with unique abilities. Just be careful in the caves.


Features include:

- new granite, andesite, and diorite block, stair, slab, and wall variants

- gilded blackstone

- new ore in surface geodes in glimmering forest

- new biome, the glimmering forest

- new mob, the venomous spider

- adds venom and antivenom potion effects and items

- new dungeon, the venomous spider dungeon

- new armor sets include:

    - gilded netherite

    - regal armor set and regal gem sets

- adds new status effects, frostbite and infernal radiance

- adds new music discs

- adds vases

- adds soul energy and charms

- adds shockwave enchantment


These features seek to add new elements of adventure, making good use of unused enchants like bane of arthropods, and adding new features to make the game feel a little more enchanted. Potion brewing is essential, for the new venomous spider is a tough bug to swat, taking three hits with a netherite sword to defeat; one bite form the spider may be fatal. Be sure to stop by in the glimmering forest for an enchanting night and gorgeous sights, and don't forget to watch out for onyx geodes, because they only spawn in this biome.


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