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The Forbidden have returned! An Ancient Society has come back with a vengeance to get rid of all trespassers on their land. A mod that introduces new mobs, bosses, armor, weapons, items, and recipes.


The Forbidden Mobs:

Archers - Watch yourself with these fellows, as they shoot arrows from the shadows, and have no desire to stop until their target is taken out.

Berserkers - The Axe dual welding brutes of the group. You don't want to fight more than 1 at once, these fellows hit hard.

Assassins - Stalking with a dagger in hand, these fellows are fast, but lucky their damage isn't much. Make sure you don't get surrounded.

Mystics - Unexplained magic users, that fly and shoot magic blasts at their enemies.

Warriors - Equipped with a Spear and Shield, these fellows my not hit as hard as the Berserkers, but they have more armor and are not to be messed with.

Molten Cubes - Not sure where they came from, but some say they were created by the Mystics. They are flying cubes of molten rock. Although, quite harmless on their own, don't get surrounded.


The Forbidden Bosses:

Jungle Golem - Big, slow, and an heavy hitter. Arrows are useless against the Golem so you have to get close.

Molten Boulder - Some say it was created when tons of Molten Cubes combined. The Molten Boulder hits hard, and shoots fire balls at its enemy. Hit this guy and he will pour lava, so don't get too close.

The Forbidden King - Equipped with a Staff of Power, the King can be a dangerous Foe.


Mod come with its own Forbidden Armor, Forbidden Sword, and the Forbidden Staff.



Forbidden Bones - Collect Bones, Skull Fragments, and Rib bones that can be used for a Forbidden Potion or the Forbidden Armor.

Molten Fragments - These are fragments dropped by Molten Cubes, that will be needed to craft a full set of Forbidden Armor.

Sacred Plant - Collect these flowers and use to craft the Forbidden Potion.


The Mod Created By ShadowMech on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Shadowmech


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