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The Fel is currently in beta stage, and hopefully I'll get some feed back for suggestions of additions, issues, and other things so I can expand the mod.  If you want your current world to have the new Ore blocks, you just have to regenerate your Nether world by deleting the DIM-1 folder in your save. This will completely regenerate your nether, spawning in the new blocks.


I've made 32x textures based off of the AD Reforged resource pack, you can download my pack, as well as AD Reforged. Load both packs.

AD Reforged

Fel Extension


I'll be pushing out updates frequently, so be sure to check back here for the latest version. There's a lot I want to do still, so let me know what you think so far!


What is The Fel?

The Fel, a demonic corruption that has plagued countless worlds, has now made it's way into the world of Minecraft. Tap into it's raw power, and you will become more powerful than anyone in your world. Or, wary if its destructive power, you could attempt to banish it from your world, preventing whatever it is you may fear.


This mod adds a few new blocks and items, such as:

Fel Deposit, a new ore block that drops Fel Ore.

Fel Vein, the netherworld version of the Fel Deposit.

Cured Leather Hide, a stronger form of leather.

Felsteel Hide, a material made from Cured Leather and Felsteel.

Felsteel Bar, an ingot made from the vile Fel Essence combined with iron.

Fel Essence, the result of removing the impurities from Fel Ore by means of smelting.

Brand new Fel Armor set, complete with tools.



  • New Fel Arrows
  • Compatibility with anvil repairs
  • Magic
  • Some alchemy things
  • New mobs
  • New dimension

*"soon" is sort of a stretch for some of these :)




-Minecraft 1.10.2

-Latest Forge release



v. Beta 1.5.0
-Mining Fel ore now gives exp.
-Reduced spawn rate of Fel Deposit
-Increased Felsteel tools' strength to 4.
     •Diamond tools have a strength of 3. 4 will allow Felsteel tools to be the only type that can mine blocks that have a rating of 4, which no
vanilla blocks have.
-Significantly raised the durability of felsteel armor.
-Decreased enchantability of Felsteel tools and armor, reducing the level of enchantments that they get (was way too high before)
     •Decreased it to 20. Diamond tools are at 10, so Felsteel tools are twice as enchantable as Diamond tools.
-Added recipe for Felsteel Bar and Felsteel Hide into Zip /Recipes folder.
-Removed light source from fel deposit/vein, so that it looks better with neighboring blocks.
-Added Fel Bow
     •Currently behaves exactly like a vanilla bow, but has a new texture. Updates to come.


v. Beta 1.4.0
-Smelting Fel tools/armor will return 1 Felsteel Bar
     •This will allow you to get some material out of your items before they break.
     •Felsteel Shovel is the exception, instead returning 3 Fel Essence.
-Added Felsteel Block
-Cleaned up some more code.


v. Beta 1.3.0
-Added Fel Deposit
     •Overworld varient of Fel Vein
     •Spawns in y level 15-30

-Updated map texture of Fel Vein to resemble netherrack instead of stone.
-Updated some MOD_ID info.
-Cleaned up a lot of code.

v. Beta 1.2.6
-Updated forge


v. Beta 1.2.5
-Updated Fel Vein texture.
-Added Felsteel Multitool.
-Added Felsteel Hide.
     •Crafted using 2 Felsteel and 2 Cured Leather Hides
-Added Cured Leather Hide.
     •Obtained by putting leather in a furnace.
-Added recipes for everything.
     •Supplied a folder containing how to craft some new items.
     •Fel tools have generic recipes, just using Felsteel and sticks.
-Reduced the spawn rate of Fel Vein, and the size.


v. Beta 1.2.0
-Added Felsteel Armor set
     •Uses 32x textures.
     •Same protection as diamond armor, but has 2000 durability.
     •When all 4 pieces are equipped, player recieves Strength II buff.
-Added Felsteel tools.
     •Same harvest rate as diamond tools, but has 2000 durability.
-Added Felsteel Bar
-Fel Stone is renamed Fel Vein, and now drops Fel Ore instead of Fel Essence.
-Currently no recipes for anything.


v. Beta 1.0.0
-Created mod for MC 1.10.2
-Added Fel Stone.
     •Only spawns in the nether.
     •Drops Fel Essence when mined with a diamond pickaxe or greater.
-Added Fel Essence
     •Currently no uses.



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