The Erebus

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Filename TheErebus-0.4.0.jar
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Uploaded Nov 18, 2015
Game Version 1.7.10
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Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


-Squished hundreds of bugs (too many to list)


-Added fences/fence gates to most of the Erebus woods

-Added alternate texture for all planks

-Added a milk bambucket (moooo)

-Smoothie maker should be a lot... smoother... now

-Max speed bow now animates

-Added Wand of Preservation. Shoots Amber Stars to trap entities. Mine them with silk touch so you can transport them!

-Preserved the Wand of Preservation

-Completely re-worked portal mechanics (Thanks NeptunePink!)

-Whetstone is now applied using Anvils and costs XP. Can be applied to any tool that accepts the Sharpness enchantment!

-New texture for the altars

-Added the Death Compass. A Compass that points to the place you last died. You'll get one when you pass away (RIP)

-Added the Balsam tree

-Added Honey Pot Ants. Feed them sugar so you can harness their honey (yummy!)

-Added bombardier beetle larvae. (kablooie!)

-Fix gliders being all derpy

-Powered Gliders can now be dyed (not died)