The Erebus

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Filename TheErebus-0.2pre12.jar
Uploaded by vadis365
Uploaded Dec 31, 2014
Game Version 1.7.10
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**Added New Biome**

Submerged Swamp - lots of swamp type features (too many to list here)

Leech Mob

Pond Skater Mob

Blood Snail Mob

Swamp Wisp Mob

Marsh Wood Trees and all associated wooden items, planks, stairs, slabs, door...

New Smoothie maker block - right click on it with a blank book to see recipes.

Added Smoothie potions etc.

New boots that let you walk on water ;P

3 New types of bushes (grown on Erebus mud or farmland)

HeartBerries - heal health

JadeBerries - like jade nuggets

SwampBerries - can be eaten and used in smoothie recipes

And many things I have forgotten to add...will update changelog when new bugfix updates go out