The End Expansion Mod 4

28,343 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 10, 2022 Game Version: 1.16.5  


Now for 1.18.2

The End Expansion 4 is the newest version of the End Expansion series for 1.18.2


  • Ender Warriors
  • Ender Serpents
  • The Ender Captain
  • The Ender Beast
  • Void Crawlers
  • End Snails
  • End Stone Mites
  • Warped Ones
  • Warp Watchers

Blocks & Plants

  • Ender Gem Ores
  • End Fungi
  • Warped End Fungi
  • Infested End Stone
  • Toxic Wood
  • Toxic Fungi
  • Toxic Shroomlights
  • Toxic Acid
  • Toxic Wart Block

Items & Armour

  • Ender Tools
  • Ender Rods
  • Ender Amulet
  • Ender Armour
  • Ender Serpent Scales
  • Ender Serpent Scale Helmet
  • Warped Ender Pearls
  • Ender Pearl Shards


  • Ender Captain Ship
  • Ender Beast Dungeon


Toxic Door retexture, Ender Serpent remodel and retexture by MiteBeParker

PKMNmastercass (Textured the Warped Enderman):

Warped Rooter texture by RazzLime:


If you want a little bit of an insight to how i came up with some of the ideas for this mod, check out this video by RetroGamingNow



A cinematic showcase of this mod:


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