The Elven Forest

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Welcome to the Elven Forest!

A long time ago (like a month ago), havoc occurred. A peaceful race, known as the Elves, summoned the mighty Wither, which caused chaos and plague upon their world. You summon and defeat this beast in your world and receive a distress message from the Elves. You are the only one who is strong and clever enough to defeat this substantial threat. Will you be the hero to save Elven kind? Welcome to the Elven Forest!

Welcome to the Elven Forest! An entire world filled with abundant fauna, elves, magic, caves, bosses, and more! Explore the forest, interact with the Elves, defeat many monsters, take in the sights, and conquer the plague brought on by the Wither!


Inspired by The Betweenlands and The Twilight Forest mods, The Elven Forest mod includes a new dimension with 100+ new blocks, 50+ new items and weapons, 4 new sets of armor, 3 new crafting stations, many mobs, bosses, biomes and more! Discover the many features of this incredible mod!


Use JEI for the recipes! Also, use the advancements tab in case you get lost!

Starter Guide:

Step #1: Kill the Wither, get its Nether Star and a new drop, Wither Tears

Step #2: Craft the key (sticks, sapling, and previously mentioned Star and Tears)

Step #3: Find an Elven Portal Tree

Step #4: Use the key, and have fun!


Make sure to only download from this page or the official MCreator page, as those are the only pages I authorize/permit the download links there. If you need to show off a download, make sure to link back to this page! Also, feel free to add this mod to your modpacks, as long as you give credit! Whatever you do, just make sure to credit me for the mod! =)


The original MCreator link. Find me there as well! =)


There will be more features added in the future! Please enjoy what is currently in this mod, and make sure to tell me what you would like to see added/changed to make this mod extremely fun! =)


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