The Desertic End

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This is a Mod that Adds More Vegetation to The End ,Continuing the Vanilla Feel,Adding End Delium , Ender Cactus ,Endermite Leather, Void Pillars ,and Ender Fern

The Desertic End Information

End Delium

End Delium Growths is a Plant that Have Levitation Properties

End Delium Block is a block that like Nylium

The End Deliums spawns in End Barrens

End Delium Growths Drop End Delium Roots that is edible


Piglins and Hoglins Run Away of End Delium


Fire Above End Delium Block Never Burn (Only in The End)

If Anyone Walk Through End Delium Growths,will Levitate and cause damage!

If Eat End Delium Roots you will Levitate Like End Delium Growths

End Delium Roots can be Cooked and if cooked,not cause damage more if eat



Ender Cactus 🌵


Ender Cactus is a Plant Block that Generates in End Highlands

Ender Cactus in Furnace makes Purple Dye

Ender Cactus Flower in Furnace makes Pink Dye

Ender Cactus Have Flowers in Top that can be collected if right click with a End Stone Knife, without drop the End Cactus

Ender Cactus only be collected if Left Click with a End Stone Knife

Ender Cactus Flower is Edible and if Eaten will Remove Levitation Effects,Give Slow Falling for 4 Seconds and Continue the middle of Flower in Inventory

Middle of Ender Cactus Flower and Bone Meal on Crafting Grid craft the Ender Cactus Flower with Petals

End Stone Knife

End Stone Knife Craft Recipe

Right Click on air to Active End Stone Knife ,right click again to stop

This is used for Cut Ender Cactus and for Attack


Endermite Improvements 🐞

Retextured Endermite


Endermite Monster Egg that is a Block that if you Walk,Spawns Endermites


Added Endermite Leather,that is a Drop of Endermite


Silverfish have a new Drop,that is Silver Powder


Both,Silver Powder and Endermite Leather not Have a Function,but will Have a Function in Future Updates


Ender Fern 👨🏿‍🌾

Ender Fern is a Crop that Generates in Small End Islands


Ender Fern Drops Ender Fern Seeds,that is a crop that can be placed in any block


With 9 Ender Fern Seeds in Crafting Table,is created 3 Ender Pearls


instead of the Ender Fern growing, it is inverted, decreasing the size



Flowering Hills 💐

The Bloom Part of the End,that is a Mini Biome


These Biome have Various Lily Flowers


End Rose Lily,these flowers Deal Damage


Warped Forest 🍄

Now the Nether Biome "Warped Forest" as Added to The End,to be a Connection for Endermans to the Nether


These Biome have Various Warped Chorus,if above a Warped Chorus,will Decrease the Height of the Plant


This is a Mini Biome,Same as Flowering End Biome

Enderite Ore 👾

A new Mineral that have Teleportation Properties


If Enderite Ore Is Mined,will Float,making you have to mine fast before you cant reach the ore


The Enderite Ore drops a Enderite Ingot




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