The Chicken Wing Wand

713 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 15, 2016 Game Version: 1.10.2



It's ya boi Spides, back with the new, and improved mod! I present to you, 





1.9.4 and now, 1.10.2!


Yessuh, this mod is now on 1.10.2! But unlike the 1.9.4 version, this one has gots new, better features, SUCH AS:


- 3 new blocks!

Lemme introduce to you my babies:


Chicken Wing block

Yes, now in your world, you have this juicy, hot, flavorful texture of a block anywhere you want it to be. Ugh so happy of me.


Next is the French Fry block

I bet you're ecstatic, erupting a waterfall of drool because now you can have these golden potato sticks as a block. Hells ya!


Last but not least, the Chicken Light block <33

Get some luminance up in this bihhhh!!





Yaaassssss!!! Upgrade alert. This wand now:


* Has gotten a better texture! Look's so appetizing now, I literally can't even.



* Also it has more special effects and now edible! Yaaaaassssss!!!!



- New item to the family?! Image result for scream emoji

Yessooo, you read that correctly! I introduce you to: The Ranch Dip Igniter!




Right click and you can get lit like Zeus!!! 




Also, if you travel far enough, a surprise will await you. ;)



And remember, you can have all of that in the 1.10.2 version that you can't get in the 1.9.4 version!! So if you would like that, because I mean, this is boss...





How to install this mod:


*Make sure you have 1.10.2 forge on your computer!


1) Drop the .zip file into your mod folder


2) In launcher, change your profile to Forge


3) PLAY! 






If you want the original glorious, luxurious, exquisite, delicious, and magical wand,

IT'S STILL AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD! Go to the Files tab to get it. ;)


Reminder of the 1.9.4 version features! (Included in 1.10.2)




Make you never starve again!


This mod finna be lit when you use this because you can kill mobs INSTANTLY.


"Hurrrr", said some villager? "Give me 64 emeralds for a pixel", said some villager? BAM. GONE. And every time you kill a mob, a surprise effect comes on, but I highly suggest that you're wear armor, not near your structures when you tap on a mob. Just sayin'. ;)


So how do you obtain this chicken wing on the game?

Craft with totally easy-to-get items!!!1

You gots to WORK to get it, kk. Also cook up a bed to get it as well.

(You can also get it for free... think green.)




How to install mod:


- Make sure you have 1.9.4 Forge


1) Drag the .zip file to your mods folder


2) Get on Minecraft and use your Forge profile (1.9.4)


3) Enjoy!




Before you go, I'd like to thank all of you for 40+ downloads of this mod in ONE MONTH!! This is my first mod ever and I didn't think I'd get as much.


Like I saw my mod in a showcase, man. LIKE WHAT?! If you'd like to put this mod in a showcase, go ahead! I love mod reviews! All of them will get featured on my threads!


(Report any bugs or feedback by sending a message to me! I'd highly appreciate that!)


That's it. Thanks for reading and downloading. Until then, happy mining! Au revoir!


- Spides



This mod was created using MCreator! Without them, this mod wouldn't be here. Thanks guys!


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