The Before: Tales of Now

1,038 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 1, 2016 Game Version: 1.8.9

The goal of this mod is to add a new level of adventure to the already existing Minecraft world. Four new elemental ores have been added which allow the player to craft elemental weapons and armor for Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. 


An elemental ore can only be mined with a special elemental pickaxe, then dropping a crystal. These crystals will then turn into gems, that when crafted, produce powerful new armor or weapons for each element. 


This is also the first Client Side mod to be built 100% with LearnToMod!


Wondering how we came up with all the wild ideas for our mod? Watch the video and find out!



Introducing new Elemental Weapons that will change the way you play Minecraft!


Introducing Auras, new items that can augment your armor and weapons with powerful enhancements:


Introducing the Planets, powerful blocks and items that are hidden away in secluded temples!


Check out some Fire recipes and pictures here.



  • Over 100 new Items
    • Each element has unique Armor and Weapons 
    • Planetary blocks and Items
  • Recipes for Elemental Weapons
  • Elemental Blocks drop crystals

Install Instructions:

  1. Download mod jar and place it in mod folder
  2. Install the latest version of Forge
  3. When prompted to enter a mod name, enter: LearnToMod-betaMagic


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