Thaumic Tinkerer

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Filename ThaumicTinkerer-2.5-1.7.10-159.jar
Uploaded by pixlepix
Uploaded Nov 8, 2014
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 2.02 MB
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MD5 e85fa492d3b2813d647c1be86f4f1580
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions
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Java 7



  1. Made Infused Farmland not display in creative tab (commit: ccae308cf721535f5acd729aa04dfe9d5ab0ae84) (detail)
  2. Added hard-coded exception to warp ward. Fixed #486 (commit: 2aa1f70d6b9a253c14eaecf382665541a10bfe08) (detail)
  3. Made talisman take more durability damage on warp effects (commit: 794e78a77461fe28dff92082b57f16ee84e2fce6) (detail)
  4. Added RS output to restorer. Closes #479 (commit: c878403bd6789525845f3fa7de0596d37a2419dd) (detail)
  5. Various fixes to crop loot (commit: f6c172f6c82818b2d60d36ea8746693bfdd56031) (detail)
  6. Fixed #490 (commit: f9aedca2488c77ca2757a5b44b0af8b01190885a) (detail)
  7. Fixed #499 (commit: 1d1be5efd4fa72c9d68927ea30b231832ff41153) (detail)
  8. Fixed potion length setting (commit: 6eba97dd977327a96c1a8b0d08caf76874d5322d) (detail)
  9. Fixed #501(commit: 0e7ef4c856d41085740167f585181115f0c3402f) (detail)
  10. Fixed Version Checker pattern (commit: 5a2eacaff1b42af5165128a89be802c915f64ef7) (detail)
  11. Fixed #492 (commit: 7c35cfb711373a7298949837b15d3e4ade4779c8) (detail)
  12. Fixed #496 (commit: 7b527593b74e54d284c0f98b5b988ba41f0b8d61) (detail)
  13. Made AspectAnalyzer only register when CC is loaded. This fixed a crash when CC wasn't loaded, where the aspect analyzer dependend on the not-present peripherals research. (commit: f8ab8e785c17b7683980f03d9ff8e3eb90741b04) (detail)
  14. Buffed ichor caps vis discount to account for voidmetal caps (commit: 771694028682bf71855f77cadab39fa3d0754eb9) (detail)
  15. Create fr_Fr.lang (commit: c796781f5ce02392afe87e06bb7a0cb8eda85e9b) (detail)
  16. Fixed #511 (commit: 2a42f6a092eeb55595c0319ab148b9ae394a2bc2) (detail)
  17. Fixed #513 (commit: 8d1456aa951b3a1bae063d4c21facf28d13424a6) (detail)
  18. Fixed #514
  19. Complete rewrite of the Ordo fire's handling of ore block detection
  20. Fixed #502
  21. Removed potential false drop/dupe bug
  22. fixing crashes with thaumcraft 4.2.1.x due to some changes in TC API
  23. Fixed #538
  24. Bedrock portals can be turned back into bedrock by right clicking
  25. Update ru_RU.lang
  26. Fixed #529
  27. Readded CC support
  28. Fixed #491