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Thaumic Exploration

As this is a WIP, please report bugs! I am open to suggestions.

Thaumic Exploration currently contains six new blocks (two are remakes of Thaumcraft 2 blocks), one new wand rod, three new enchantments, four new usable items, and a few new transmutation recipes. Exact content can be found in the below spoiler

Chest and Jar binding seals: The original inspiration of this addon, they are some of my favorite items from this addon. Use these seals on two or more chests, or two or more warded jars to link their inventories. No more messy infusion rooms! (See below media)

Brain Curing: You have finally found a way to cure zombie brains. They are used in the Think Tank and TC4's advanced golems.

Think Tank: A block that generates research fragments when supplied with books.

Everfull Urn: Infinite water source. Use buckets, or cap it off with Buildcraft or Thermal Expansion pipes. Also fills nearby crucibles and puts out burning players.

Crucible of Souls: Slowly kills mobs for their precious essentia.

Amber Wand Core: A low-capacity, fast refilling wand core, perfect for smaller recipes. There is also a corresponding staff core.

Thaumic Replicator: A block that replicates building blocks in exchange for essentia.

Boots of the Meteor: Boots that allow you to jump high and deal AoE slam attacks.

Boots of the Comet: Boots that allow you to run really, really fast. They also temporarily freeze water.

Wispy Dreamcatcher: Anti-taint device that lowers taint damage.

Talisman of Nourishment: Stores food and automatically feeds you. Never eat again!

Sojourner's Wand Caps: Vis-seeking wand caps that automatically drain nearby nodes.

Mechanist's Wand Caps: Wand caps that dramatically increase node draining speed.



Warning! Somewhat spoiler-ish!

A great mod spotlight by Danilus, the first part shows the original features in 0.3.0, the second part shows only the new features and changes from 0.4.3.




BUGFIX: Fixed the Talisman of Nourishment crashing right away.

BUGFIX: Stopped bound jars from dropping duplicates
BUGFIX: Fixed bound jar suction
BUGFIX: Added upgrades to runic boots
BUGFIX: Fixed the Talisman of Nourishment not tracking saturation
CHANGE: Made golems immune from the Crucible of Souls
ADDITION: Added Sojourner's Wand Caps
ADDITION: Added Mechanist's Wand Caps
ADDITION: Added Amber Staff Core

BUGFIX: Hopefully fixed a crash with seals, reported when loading with Resonant Rise.
CHANGE: Rebalanced and moved researches for Thaumcraft 4.1
CHANGE: Made the Talisman of Nourishment use a Primal Charm instead of a diamond.
ADDITION: Added Runic Boots of the Comet/Meteor

BUGFIX: Talisman of Nourishment works on SMP
BUGFIX: Think Tank works on SMP

BUGFIX: Stopped pointless printlns
BUGFIX: Fixed mana beans crashing the Talisman of Nourishment
BUGFIX: May have fixed rare seals issue

BUGFIX: Stopped Boots of the Comet from making WIP Skull Candles

BUGFIX: Talisman of Nourishment does not have durability bar when cheated in.
BUGFIX: Clicking on the Wispy Dreamcatcher in the thaumnomicon no longer crashes.

ADDITION: Boots of the Meteor
ADDITION: Boots of the Comet
ADDITION: Thaumic Replicator
ADDITION: Taint tab
ADDITION: Wispy Dreamcatcher
ADDITION: Talisman of Nourishment
ADDITION: Enchantment: Binding
ADDITION: Enchantment: Night Vision
ADDITION: Enchantment: Disarming
CHANGE: Crucible of Souls no longer draws mobs in
CHANGE: Seals now use the crucible to craft
BUGFIX: Crucible of Souls does not corrupt chunks
BUGFIX: Fixed server crashes
BUGFIX: Amber wand core now works as intended




Modpack Policy:
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